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Jack Nicholson | A Class Act
Many actors fall into typecasts, whilst others try their best to wear many hats when it comes to their roles. But very few actors are capable of the undeniable versatility of Jack Nicholson. Find out more about this amazing actor in our latest blog.
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05.11.2018  |  Auctions
Holy Flashback, Batman!: Highlights from the TV Treasures Auction
At a time when practically every movie screen has been taken over by a big-budget superhero film, it is easy to forget the genre’s humble beginnings. The first onscreen superheroes came in the form of low-budget movie serials, which eventually evolved into syndicated television fare, with George Reeves’ Superman chief among them. Chief, that is, […]
24.10.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
In Memoriam: Will Vinton
Will Vinton, the award-winning animation pioneer who made waxed mustaches cool again, passed away earlier this month at age 70. The team at Propstore mourns the loss of this icon whose extraordinary body of work includes some of the most influential films, television, and commercials in pop culture history.
18.10.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
Dream Big: The Electric Dreams Auction
The many worlds seen in Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams are not only surreal, but larger than life. Bringing his incredible storytelling to the screen convincingly took not only hours of hard work from the visual effects team, but also for the incredible prop makers and craftsmen that created these gigantic pieces for the series.
15.10.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
Greetings From Beautiful Suburbicon!
On behalf of the Suburbicon Chamber of Commerce, we would like to extend our warmest welcome to our new residents. Our little hamlet may be quaint, but we think it’s just the slice of home-grown American heaven that you’ve been looking for. Have a look around and meet your new neighbors!
12.10.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
Perchance, to Dream: Highlights from the Electric Dreams Auction, Part 2
Dive back into the mind of Philip K. Dick and the fantastic innovations brought to life in Electric Dreams.
11.10.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
Perchance, to Dream: Highlights from the Electric Dreams Auction, Part 1
Philip K. Dick was one of literature’s most prolific and thoughtful authors during his time on Earth. His incredible mind brought us to the mystical towns, far off alien worlds, and more than a few tech-infused dystopias. And when it came time for Dick’s work to take center stage in Electric Dreams, many of his […]
24.08.2018  |  Auctions
The August 8 Cluster, Part 2 | Highlights from the Sense8 Auction
Welcome to part two of our examination of the August 8 sensates. Where last we left, we had already examined half of the cluster but, as any of the eight would tell you, to know them is to know all of them…
20.08.2018  |  Auctions
The August 8 Cluster, Part 1 | Highlights from the Sense8 Auction
Homo sensoriums are the next leap forward in human evolution. Where once we were alone, the sensates of the world are connected to others in their own cluster, sharing their emotions, skills, and even memory. The August 8 cluster is no different, often turning inward to their cluster-mates when they need them most. Take a […]
16.07.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
HER NAME IS RITA: Highlights from the Power Rangers Auction
Rita Repulsa: the only name that can make even a Power Ranger tremble. A former Ranger herself, Rita worked closely with Zordon and their teammates to protect life in the universe. But Rita strayed from that path, choosing instead to betray Zordon and the other Rangers in her attempt to control life in the universe. […]
16.07.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
IT’S MORPHIN TIME: Highlights from the Power Rangers Auction
It has been said there are evils in the universe darker and more powerful than you could possibly imagine. As you read this, witches, monsters, and sorcerers across the universe plot to conquer our planet and destroy life on Earth as we know it. Thankfully, there are five teenagers, with more than a little attitude, […]
25.06.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
Runnin’ Shine: Highlights from the Lawless Auction
Back when Hoover reigned and booze was prohibited across the country, the Bondurant brothers made Franklin County, Virginia the wettest county in the world with their distilling operation. Using their gas station and restaurant as a front, the Bondurants ran more moonshine out of Virginia than the sun at dawn, and made a sight more […]
04.06.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
Straight From Hell: Highlights from the Hellraiser: Judgment Auction
Since Clive Barker’s first film, Pinhead and the Cenobites have been on the hunt for souls worthy of their special brand of care. Take a look now at some of highlight lots from the Hellraiser: Judgment Auction.
22.05.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
By the Blade: Highlights from the Warcraft Auction
A blockbuster war epic is bound to call for a lot of weaponry, but the quality of the swords created for Warcraft are nothing Propstore has ever seen before. Made by WETA Workshop, the craftsmanship and artistry of the pieces is evident on everything from the hero to the stunt versions, with only a keen […]
22.05.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
The Horde Arrives: Highlights from the Warcraft Auction
When their homeworld, Draenor, was depleted of resources, Gul’dan, corrupted by the Fel, opened a portal and led an invasion to Azeroth. Looking for a fight, the orcs brought along their strongest warriors and nastiest weaponry. Take a look now at some of the highlights that made it through the Dark Portal.
22.05.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
From the Throne: Highlights from the Warcraft Auction
As king of Stormwind, King Llane is known throughout Azeroth as a thoughtful, selfless leader. But despite his level-headed demeanor, the opulence and excess of royal life is not lost on him or the people of Stormwind, who have created incredible pieces for the King and royal family over the ages.
17.05.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
The Stormwind Armory: Highlights from the Warcraft Auction
When the orcs opened the dark portal to Azeroth and began their invasion, the Alliance army was called upon to face a threat it had never known before. Luckily, the dwarves and armorers of Azeroth were prepared and equipped their forces with the weaponry and armor needed to defend the realm.