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FEATURED LOTS | Collectible Posters Live Auction: Los Angeles 2024
Featuring over 600 posters from over 100 years of cinema, we are excited to announce our third Collectible Posters Live Auction in Los Angeles this April.
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18.10.2023  |  AuctionsBehind the Scenes
360 Exhibition Tour | Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – London, 2023
Welcome to our exclusive look around the 2023 London Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction exhibition…
07.04.2016  |  Behind the ScenesStar Wars
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Luke Skywalker “Force Jump” Puppet
Our UK Copywriter Peter Cooper talks about the incredible Luke Skywalker “force jump” puppet from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back…
17.12.2015  |  Behind the ScenesStar Wars
Norway: “Hoth” Filming Locations Part 2
The next morning, the group met with their guides—Terje Olsen and Erling Nesbo. Terje has been around Finse all of his life, though he was too young to be involved with the filming of Empire. Erling, however, worked on the production of the film. As Erling did not speak English (and the expedition did not […]
17.12.2015  |  Behind the ScenesStar Wars
Norway: “Hoth” Filming Locations Part 1
“There’s nothing there.” To Brandon Alinger, the words of location manager Philip Kohler were hardly surprising. That’s because he was seeking a place so frozen and remote that Kohler had chosen it to pass for the desolate ice planet Hoth in Irvin Kershner’s 1980 STAR WARS sequel THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.
15.12.2015  |  Behind the Scenes
John Dykstra: Intergalactic Man Of Magic Part 3
Written by the Propstore team Tales abound of ILM being more like a university quad than a serious postproduction house. Hell, there was a hot tub in their parking lot. Another such anecdote stars the escape slide of a 727 passenger jet from a nearby industrial yard that was re-appropriated by the ILM brain trust and […]
15.12.2015  |  Behind the Scenes
John Dykstra: Intergalactic Man Of Magic Part 2
Written by the Propstore team For the explosion shots, Dykstra’s team built effects models that were pre-ordained to die out of a breakaway mold-making material that master modeler Grant McCune brought to the table called “fast tool.” “I didn’t want it all just to go bang,” Dykstra says. “I wanted it to go bang, bang, […]
15.12.2015  |  Behind the Scenes
John Dykstra: Intergalactic Man Of Magic Part 1
 Written by the Propstore team “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” While Arthur C. Clarke’s third principle of scientific prediction is most often applied to science fiction storytelling, it could just as easily be used to describe the age of enlightenment that began in cinematic visual effects in the late 1970s thanks to a […]
11.12.2015  |  Behind the ScenesStar Wars
Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy – On Location in Tunisia
In the summer of 2001 Propstore team member Brandon Alinger traveled to Tunisia in search of the original filming locations for Star Wars: ANH, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Star Wars prequels. Seventeen-year-old Brandon managed to convince his parents the trip would make an ideal family vacation, and spent a week traveling the […]
09.12.2015  |  Behind the ScenesStar Wars
Tunisia Trip
Propstore team member Brandon Alinger made two trips to Tunisia in search of filming locations from the Star Wars films and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Brandon had become interested in the locations after reading several articles written by other fans who had made the trek to North Africa. He was able to get travel […]
08.12.2015  |  Behind the ScenesStar WarsUncategorized
Beasts of Burden: The Last Original Dewback
When George Lucas began working on ideas for Star Wars in the early 1970s, he envisioned making his first “real movie”—a movie with art directors and sets, rather than the more real-world films he had created in the past. Star Wars fans know that Lucas made the films in the U.K., for cost purposes, and […]
19.11.2015  |  Behind the Scenes
Raiders Of The Lost Ark Movie & Location Stills
20.05.2015  |  AuctionsBehind the Scenes
The Making Of The Monster Maker Auction
In his own words, Propstore LA COO Brandon Alinger’s talks about the once in a lifetime experience that working with Baker to develop this auction has provided…
27.04.2015  |  AuctionsBehind the Scenes
It’s Alive! Making the Monsters Move
In our last instalment we took a closer look at the artistry that went into achieving an authentic transition between Mogwai puppets and their Gremlin counterparts. Of course, no matter how aesthetically impressive a puppet is, if it can’t move it’s not of much use to the production and last week’s featured lots were no […]
27.04.2015  |  AuctionsBehind the Scenes
Preserving the Work of a Legend
So far in this blog series, Propstore has given you an exclusive look inside Rick Baker’s Cinovation studios and you’ve gotten a glimpse at the broad collection that was housed there. Given the span of Baker’s illustrious career and the number of his creations that he kept throughout it, it should come as no surprise […]
26.03.2015  |  Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes at Propstore: London & LA
Have you ever wondered what Propstore HQ looks like? If you’re envisioning rooms chock-full of some of the finest cinematic collectibles from movie history, you’re not far off the mark. Our offices and spaces in both LA and London are Aladdin’s caves of props, costumes, models, scenery and amazing movie paraphernalia. Why not take a […]