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Indiana Jones | The Magic Of Practical Effects
George Lucas’s VFX company Industrial Light Magic has worked on all four of the Indiana Jones film and are – unsurprisingly – returning to provide their movie magic for the fifth. Throughout the franchise, the masterminds behind ILM have created and developed astounding practical and visual effects which have bought all the action, thrill and gore to life. Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite of ILMs progressive and imaginative use of visual effects throughout the original trilogy before the use of CGI even existed…
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02.05.2023  |  AuctionsPosters
FEATURED LOTS | May Online Collectible Posters Auction: Los Angeles 2023
Whether you’re a fan of classic film noir, silent-era productions, ’50s sci-fi or old-school monster movies something is sure to catch your eye in our first-ever US Collectibles Poster auction.
08.02.2023  |  AuctionsPosters
FEATURED LOTS | March Poster Online Auction: London 2023
The London Propstore March 2023 Poster Online Auction is live and running until March 2, when it closes in a timed online-only format. Get your bids in early, as with 580 lots from over 200 films there’s sure to be something for everyone. Check out some of our auction highlights, below…
13.09.2022  |  AuctionsPosters
Illustrator, Paul Shipper Q&A | Poster Live Auction – Fall 2022
With his dynamic compositions, vibrant character design and ’80s-nostalgia inducing style, 46-year-old movie poster maestro Paul Shipper is the closest thing we have to a modern-day Drew Struzan. Shipper does, after all, does cite Struzan’s gloriously airbrushed one-sheets of the ’70s and ’80s as his biggest inspiration. That much should be evident from the Mancunian […]
24.08.2022  |  AuctionsPosters
FEATURED LOTS | Poster Live Auction – Fall 2022
Our Fall 2022 Poster Live Auction has a collection of over 500 poster from over 300 movies, TV shows and more. Check out some of our auction highlights below to see some of our featured lots.