Since Clive Barker’s first film, Pinhead and the Cenobites have been on the hunt for souls worthy of their special brand of care. Take a look now at some of highlight lots from the Hellraiser: Judgment Auction.



Lot 54 – Copper-Etched Lemarchand Lament Configuration Puzzle Box

The most dangerous toy on the shelf. Ever since the very first Hellraiser film, Lemarchand lament configuration boxes have been the gateway to the Cenobites’ hell dimension. Unlike boxes made for previous films, which were constructed of brass and mahogany, several boxes created for Judgment feature copper-etched plates over bleached wood, giving a new spin to the sinister design. Keep out of reach of children!



Lot 7 – The Auditor’s (Gary J. Tunnicliffe) Makeup Appliance and Bust

A new addition to Pinhead’s team is the loquacious Auditor. Played by writer/director Gary Tunnicliffe, the Auditor is a key accomplice for the Cenobites, carefully recording their victims’ earthly sins before passing them off to the Assessor, Surgeon, and Butcher. Unlike Pinhead’s grid of facial scars, the Auditor’s self-inflicted cuts are more haphazard and violent. All of them, accept the initials “G T” on the back of the head, a maker’s mark of sort from Tunnicliffe. The Auditor makeup appliances in the auction were all screen worn pieces, carefully removed during production and preserved with urethane.



Lot 41 – Stitch Twin Cenobite’s Makeup Bust and Costume

While the Auditor and Surgeon keep their mind on the task at hand, the stitch twins enjoy their time, dancing through nightmares and aiding the other Cenobites in tending to their victims. The makeup bust features silicone appliances on a rigid foam bust that are fully painted, with a long red ribbon cascading down from the back of the head. A similar ribbon adorns the front of the black body suit as well.



Lot 61 – Pinhead’s (Paul T. Taylor) Throne

From his throne in his hell dimension, Pinhead sits and waits to be called to a new slaughter. This wooden throne is designed to fit the aesthetic of a hellscape, with its monolithic, slab-like construction and countless scratches, gauges, and scars throughout. You may have even noticed the deep nail grooves on the right arm rest. Could those be from Pinhead, or the poor soul he dethroned?



Lot 64 – Pinhead’s (Paul T. Taylor) Insert Effects Head

This is simply no Hellraiser without Pinhead. Whether born to evil or thrust towards it during life, Pinhead’s mysterious origins are of no consequence to his victims when he approaches. Eloquent and calm, this specter of death and pain made an appearance once again in the human world in Judgment before starting a new chapter in his ungodly life. The makeup bust’s design is unique to this film, with designer Gary Tunnicliffe making a few tweaks to the iconic design, including “open” and “floating” squares which were not present in the character’s previous designs.


These lots and many more are open for bidding now in Propstore’s HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT AUCTION Auction, with lots closing Friday, June 15th. Thank you for joining us for our blog coverage and be sure to check out our other articles in our auction series!

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