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General FAQs

We know that our customers can have various questions about the items that we have for sale. Hopefully this is where you can find the answers. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


Q. What is Prop Store?

A. Prop Store is one of the world’s leading vendors of original props, costumes and related production material as collectable memorabilia. Customers have two ways to shop at Prop Store–through our (link to new additions)fixed-price sale model, or our (link to auction page) auction model. Our fixed-price sale material is found in our standard product listing pages such as All Memorabilia and New Additions. The prices are clearly marked and you can purchase an item by adding it to your cart and going through the checkout process.

Our auction material can be seen on the Auctions page found in the top toolbar. Prop Store Auctions makes material available through the auction model where prices are determined by bidding activity. Each Prop Store Auction will present a collection of material from a single source, such as a recently released film.


Q. Where do all of the props and wardrobe at The Prop Store of London come from?

A. Prop Store deals with contacts all over the globe. Our inventory comes from film studios, production companies, wardrobe and prop suppliers, special effects houses, and various other sources. Prop Store deals directly with the "front line”—that is, those actually involved with a particular production. That way, we can be absolutely sure of the provenance of a particular item before it lands in your collection.


Q. How often are new items listed on the website?

A. New items are added to our website every day, and are viewable in our New Additions section. New additions of products in the London office are listed at approximately 10:00AM GMT, and new additions of products in the Los Angeles office are listed at approximately 10:00 PST. After a two-week period, items can then be found in the relevant movie and product category which can be located by using the search engine in each category – i.e. Props, Wardrobe etc.


Q. How do I find the item that I’m looking for?

A. Prop Store’s inventory can be browsed in a number of different ways. If you are looking for something specific, our website features a powerful search engine. Simply type in a keyword, such as an actor name or film title, and click search to see what we have available. If you’d like to browse the inventory of a specific film, you can select that film from the drop down menu in the upper-left hand corner of the site. Our inventory can also be browsed by broader memorabilia categories such as “Props” or “Wardrobe.” The category drop-down menu can be found immediately below the film title menu. You can further fine-tune your results by opting to browse either with full information and photos, or in quick view list format without photos. A variety of filtering options are also available to determine the order in which items appear.


Q. How do I know if these are authentic?

A. Every item on our website has been researched as thoroughly as possible, and our findings are indicated in the item’s description. Our reputation is impeccable and not something we ever take for granted. All of our products are guaranteed for the life of the business. We never tire in trying to obtain information on the items we are offering to market and adding to the history of each artifact. Prop Store’s global network of industry professionals is unmatched and we often call on them to assist in researching our collections. This is especially important in a collectable field that is not yet standardized in the way other hobbies have been. Authenticity is everything. Please see our Certificate of Authenticity (COA) page for additional information.


Q. Was this piece really held by my favorite actor?

A. The filmmaking process requires that multiples be made of all principal props and costumes. This is standard practice for a variety of production and continuity reasons. First and foremost, filmmaking is an expensive process, and a production cannot risk unnecessary delays due to having the only version of a prop or costume damaged on set, so they will always have back-ups in place. Multiple versions may also be required for continuity purposes. For instance, a particular garment may need to be distressed as the story progresses. To that end, different versions of that garment will exist so that it can be filmed out of sequence and the story’s continuity will remain in-tact once the film is edited and put together.

Props are frequently made in a variety of different versions. There is typically a hero or beauty prop for close up shots. These tend to be made of better materials, whereas lightweight versions will also be made for stunt and safety work that typically don’t need to hold up to close visual scrutiny. In other cases, props may need to have functionality to them. These special effects props can have moving parts (i.e., a retractable blade for a “stabbing” sword or knife) or even working lights.

Because of the fact that pieces are almost always used in multiples during a production, it is not always possible to guarantee a particular item was actually used for one scene or another. All of the items in Prop Store’s inventory are guaranteed to be originals from the production, unless otherwise stated. In some cases it may be possible to provide further evidence about the use of an individual item based on matching “tells” on the item to what’s on screen, or based on other information. When this is the case, Prop Store will include that information in the description.


Q. How do I buy an item from the website?

A. Please see our Ordering FAQ.


Q. Can you let me know when you have items from my favorite film?

Prop Store’s website allows collectors to create an account and a personal profile where you can register your favorite films. Once you’ve created this profile, you’ll receive an instant e-mail notification whenever a new product is added from one of your favorite movies. Not only is this a great way to stay on top of your own collection, but there are also added benefits to registering with Prop Store:

Easy shopping

Customers are able to store their billing and delivery addresses, making the order process easier and more efficient.

Order History

Logging into your account will allow you to check the status of both current and past purchases.


Q. I see an item I like in the Archive section of your site, is it available?

A. We provide the Archive section as a resource to collectors, enabling them to see pieces that have passed through our hands in the past. Sorry, but everything in the Archive has already been sold. In some cases, we may be able to located an item from the archive for you, or a similar item. See our requests page for more information.


Q. What is a storyboard?

A. A storyboard is the medium productions use to pre-visualise the movie shot by shot. It starts with a hand drawn pen and ink or pencil original drawn by a storyboard artist under the guidance of the director, once completed, it is copied for each Head of Department for their reference. So although copies are created they are still original production used pieces. The process enables the team to pre-visualise each shot, design sets and effects with precisely the same goal, allowing them identify any potential problems early on. Every drawing is usually accompanied by the number of the shot in the sequence of the story, a small description and the characters involved, arrows indicating the direction of the action or camera, and any special requirements or effects.

Each board shows a carefully designed image which is the desired view through the camera lens, essentially what the audience will (and frequently does) see. The frequency/intensity/volume of the storyboards varies from each production, some directors choosing to storyboard each and every shot, others only detailing special effects sequences, if at all.

In essence a complete storyboard set is THE movie, simply told in a comic book form. They are what the finished product we see on our cinema and TV screens evolves from and can be a vital part of the movie making process. Sadly this respected and essential process is a dying art, especially with the emergence of 3D, many productions are now electing to create them digitally with only a rare few keeping the art alive.

Customers can rest assured that all Storyboards listed by the Prop Store are guaranteed to be genuine production used original pieces. The Prop Store will never create new copies of any storyboard, we only sell original paperwork used during the production of the movie.


Q: What are the photos with the ruler and color charts in your product listings?

A. As part of our ongoing effort to improve the presentation of our product listings, we will now be including a scale and color reference photo as the final image in the photo set for all of our product listings. While we have always included scale information in the description of our products, having the scale measure within the product photo allows our customers to more accurately envision the size of the piece being offered.

The scale and color reference photo also includes an industry standard ColorChecker Classic chart, which accurately documents the true colors of the piece being offered. The color chart allows photos to be properly white balanced and color corrected to ensure that you are viewing the true colors of the piece on your own monitor. Although the chart is a reasonably advanced photography tool, we recognize that many of our customers are archivists of sorts, and we hope that you will appreciate this effort to better document the pieces that pass through our hands. It also allows us to record true colors for future comparisons and for posterity. The dimensions of the ColorChecker chart are 11 3/8″ x 8″. The scale measure and ColorChecker chart are not included with any purchases.


Q. Do you buy props and costumes?

A. Prop Store is always interested in buying movie props and costumes—from a single piece to the inventory of an entire film production! Please contact us if you have items you are looking to sell.