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Guillermo del Toro | Top Of The Props
Guillermo del Toro is one of the most distinctive and visually interesting directors regularly working today. He is a very hands-on director, working closely with production and costume designers to bring his original ideas to life, and as such his films have featured an array of weird and wonderful props (our stock in trade, don’t you know?). Here is just a sample of the amazing items from his films.
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26.06.2018  |  AuctionsPropstore Staff Picks
Cinema Poster Live Auction Presents… Staff Favourites
With our Cinema Poster Live Auction only hours away, we thought that we’d share with you some of the Propstore staff favourite lots from the auction. From well-known iconic artworks, to the obscure film names, there is definitely something to catch your eye in this poster auction…
22.12.2015  |  Propstore Staff Picks
Propstore Staff Picks: Brian Cordoba’s Favourite Props
Our LA Copywriter Brian takes a moment to tell us about his favourite props and costumes from the Propstore website…
01.12.2015  |  CollectionsPropstore Staff Picks
5 Star Wars Artefacts in Propstore CEO Stephen’s Personal Collection
I started Propstore back in 1998, a hobby that quickly got out of control, but my passion for collecting props and costumes started some time before that. I’ve been travelling the world tracking down Star Wars props and costumes for close to 25 years. From Elstree to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Finse in Norway, […]
06.10.2015  |  Propstore Staff Picks
Propstore Staff Picks: Tim Lawes’ Favourite Props
This week it’s Tim Lawes, our London General Manager, who took some time to compile his ultimate list of must-have Propstore lots. With everything from a lock of hair from everybody’s favourite wookie, Chewbacca to an original puppet of The Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate in the 3D stop-motion animated comedy film, ‘Pirate The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!’ […]
24.07.2015  |  Propstore Staff Picks
Propstore Staff Picks: Matt Truex’s Favourite Props
This week it’s the turn of our LA Project Manager Matt Truex to list his favourite props from our website…
18.05.2015  |  Propstore Staff Picks
Propstore Staff Picks: Siân Taylor’s Favourite Props
This week it’s Siân Taylor, our UK project manager, who takes some time to compile her ultimate list of must-have Propstore lots. And what an eclectic list it is, with everything from a set of mechanical wings from the 1999 film, Dogma, to Newgate Ned, an original stop motion puppet from the animated film, The […]
14.05.2015  |  Propstore Staff Picks
Propstore Staff Picks: Justin Miller’s Favourite Props
This week we journey by land and by sea across the Atlantic to catch up with our LA photographer, Justin Miller. In this instalment of Propstore Staff Picks, Justin digs through the Propstore archives to pick out his favourite film props, costumes and original pieces of movie memorabilia. Justin, if you’d be so kind…
21.04.2015  |  Propstore Staff Picks
Propstore Staff Picks: Cara Kimber’s Favourite Props
Discover the Propstore items our team of cinema buffs want to take home themselves. This week we ask research assistant Cara Kimber to share her picks.
21.04.2015  |  Propstore Staff Picks
Propstore Staff Picks: Paul Wallis’ Favourite Props
Join us as we take a glimpse behind the scenes at Propstore to reveal some of our team’s favourite lots. No one knows our massive collection of original movie props, costumes and memorabilia better than these guys, so this should make for some interesting reading. This week we reveal our UK warehouse manager’s Paul Wallis’s favourite […]