Back when Hoover reigned and booze was prohibited across the country, the Bondurant brothers made Franklin County, Virginia the wettest county in the world with their distilling operation. Using their gas station and restaurant as a front, the Bondurants ran more moonshine out of Virginia than the sun at dawn, and made a sight more money doing it too. Look in now at some of the boys’ (and girls’) more memorable looks from the Lawless Auction.



Lot 43 – Jack Bondurant’s (Shia LaBeouf) New Car Suit

As the youngest of the bunch, it was Jack Bondurant’s enterprising spirit and attraction to danger that led the family down a deadlier path than they had meant to find. When the boys first started making good money, it was Jack who upgraded the family’s jalopy and bought himself some new threads to go with it. The three piece suit is made of a grey, checkered material, with a cap to match. The accompanying maroon shirt features the actor’s initials “SL” monogrammed on the inside of the collar, and the date of the film’s shoot.



Lot 4 – Maggie Beauford’s (Jessica Chastain) Job Application Dress

When the Bondurant boys finally had some respectable profits coming in, Maggie Beauford took it upon herself to lend a hand. Maggie wore this classic 1930’s number when she applied for a job at the Bondurant’s restaurant, taking them by surprise when they came home to find her sitting at their bar. The teal satin dress features a wide collar, low cut, and button accents on the chest and sides. Needless to say, she got the job.



Lot 77 – Charlie Rakes’ (Guy Pearce) Bloody Final Shootout Costume

‘Course, not everyone was happy to see the Bondurant’s turn a profit. In fact, it was US Marshal Charley Rakes that came to give the boys hell, working against the moonshiners not just for their illegal activity, but for not cutting the law in on the action. But this city cop couldn’t forget his roots, even out there in the sticks. The crooked cop died well-dressed, wearing his dark, pinstriped suit over a smart vest and bow tie. The shirt is still stained red with faux blood from Rakes’ mortal wound.



Lot 57 – Bertha Minnix’s (Mia Wasikowska) Date Dress

Not everyone in Franklin County was on the outs with the law. When Jack Bondurant started courting Bertha Minnix, there was no telling the danger she’d find herself in just from knowing the boy. Devoutly religious, it took time before Bertha was comfortable accompanying Jack to the family’s distillery, especially in such an eye-catching dress. A gift from Jack, Bertha’s yellow dress easily stands apart from her humbler clothes, with delicate roses patterned all over the yellow cotton.



Lot 76 – Forrest Bondurant’s (Tom Hardy) Bloody Final Shootout Costume

The Bondurant boys are infamous, but only one was invincible. Oldest and toughest, Forrest understood the danger in running moonshine, but still refused to play along with the local law. When the tensions between the Bondurant’s and Marshal Rakes came to a head, Forrest wound up with more lead in him than a ten point buck, and still lived to tell the tale. The shirt, vest and cardigan on this lot are a test to Forrest’s invincibility, with bullet holes and dried faux blood throughout.


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