As king of Stormwind, King Llane is known throughout Azeroth as a thoughtful, selfless leader. But despite his level-headed demeanor, the opulence and excess of royal life is not lost on him or the people of Stormwind, who have created incredible pieces for the King and royal family over the ages.



Lot 565 – King Llane’s (Dominic Cooper) Throne

In the great hall of Stormwind Castle, King Llane entertained guests and counselors alike from his lavish throne. Flanked by four sculpted lions, the wooden throne is constructed and painted to mimic marble and gold. Most impressive of all on this lot though, is the headboard. Reaching over 16 feet high, the wood and glass back board depicts a scene of Medivh and the former king of Stormwind, fighting back troll enemies. A sculpted lion’s head sits at the top of the head board, symbolizing the King’s dedication to the Alliance.



Lot 566 – King Llane’s (Dominic Cooper) Battle Armor with Shield

Even with an entire army at his disposal, King Llane still took to the battle field to lead his men against the invading orcs in his custom battle armor. Though similar to Alliance foot soldier and knight armor, the king’s armor is a step above in every way. The silver and gold tones are meant to look polished and buffed, with ornate filigree throughout and gold-toned chainmail. The Alliance lion motif is seen throughout the costume, from the clawed vambraces to the open-mouthed helmet, and even the accompanying shield.



Lot 237 – King Llane’s (Dominic Cooper) Horse Armor on Stand-in Horse

Right in step with the king’s distinctive battle armor was the armor made for his horse. King’s Llane’s royal steed was well-equipped for battle with bright silver and gold-toned armor made to match the king’s colors exactly. Filigree and detail abounds throughout ever piece of this armor, even on the ornate saddle and blanket, and the small blue gems and the Alliance lion match King Llane’s look almost exactly, making his war horse a visual extension of the man himself. The stand-in horse is included with this lot.



Lot 567 – King Llane’s (Dominic Cooper) Sword and Sheath

While a boomstick can be fired from afar, a sword is a more direct and personal weapon, and King Llane’s is not to be missed. Designed to match the king’s battle aesthetic, the sword features a polished blade made of pure steel. Most of the piece’s detail, though, remains in the king’s hand, with a blue grip of weaved gold lines, a delicate pummel, and ornate gold-toned grip, featuring the Alliance lion and blue gem accents.


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