HK-Aerial Turbine Shell Model Component

Ape Club

Lindsey Farris' (Keri Russell) Case File

Production Binder

Death Star Panel Display

Storyboards, Costume Test and Continuity Photos, Set Designs, Concept Art and Labels

Wilbur Wonka (Christopher Lee) Framed Newspaper Cutting – Whereabouts of famous chocolatier still remains a mystery

Future War Jumpsuit and Accessories

Crew Cap

Toll Road (Randy Couture) Stunt Noveske Assault Rifle

Rob Hawkins' (Michael Stahl-David) Bloody Costume

Scar Predator Belt Component Pair

Coco's (Leslie Grossman) Slit Throat Bust

Aguilar's (Michael Fassbender) Stunt Bow

USS Callister Chair

Original Production Storyboard Autographed by Dennis Muren - Luke of Tauntaun on a Hill

Stunt 'Hammerson' Stainless Para-Ordnance Nite-Tac Pistol

Hunters Staff

Carrie's (Reese Witherspoon) Leather Jacket

Stunt Spear with Ornaments

Valley Floor Miniature Production Slides

Howard Kazanjian-signed Production Storyboard and Ewok Fur Display

Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) Dog Tags

Wilbur Wonka (Christopher Lee) Framed Newspaper Cutting – New Chocolate Taste

Thunderbird 3 Panel

Set of Promotional Stills

European Car Model Miniature

Set of Roy Dillon's (John Cusack) Con Artist Accessories

Chen Mask and Mold

Barry's (Steve Carell) Glasses

Scripts and Press Kit

Narcissus External 'Stage Layout' Production Dyeline

Original Production-Used Storyboard Set – Skeletor Tries To Stop He-Man’s Escape

EVA Suit Pressure Gauge

Call Sheet #22

Hick's (Cam Gigandet) Bloodied Costume

Dr. Harry Adams’ (Samuel L. Jackson) Oxygen Pack

Lillian's (Maya Rudolph) Gift Box

Prop Claymore Mine

SFX Guillotine Gun