The Stormwind Armory: Highlights from the Warcraft Auction

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When the orcs opened the dark portal to Azeroth and began their invasion, the Alliance army was called upon to face a threat it had never known before. Luckily, the dwarves and armorers of Azeroth were prepared and equipped their forces with the weaponry and armor needed to defend the realm.



Alliance Foot Soldier Armor

Armor is a soldier’s best defense in battle, and the Alliance forces were certainly ready for a fight. The armor costuems designed for Alliance Foot Soldiers feature urethane plates painted to resemble brushed steel with gold-toned trim. The Alliance’s trademark lion motif is referenced in the center of the fauld, with a sculpted lion head in the same brushed-steel coloring. The Alliance’s signature blue is also represented in the suit’s underpinnings and long blue ponytail flowing from the top of the helmet.



Alliance Halberd

Whether standing guard or charging in battle, an Alliance Halberd is an imposing weapon. The tall, wood poles boast an ornate handle and a large axe head made in dense urethane. A gold-toned lion’s head sits at the center of both sides of the axe, with silver-toned blades protruding out from under the lion’s face.



Lot 262 – Stormwind Armory Weapons Rack with Nine Swords

No Alliance soldier would go into battle without a sword and the Stormwind armory is fully stocked with that in mind. This lot consists of nine Alliance swords, display-ready on an original weapons rack from the film. Made of dense foam, each sword features silver-toned blades with vibrant blue handles and acrylic jewel pieces in the hilts. The included wood rack is stained to match the other weapons racks seen in the film.



Hand Cannon

The orc army is a formidable threat, with dark magic driving their forces into a frenzy for war. Luckily, the dwarves of Azeroth came up with a deadly solution, and built a score of hand cannons for the Alliance forces. The fantastical firearms are inspired by the design of 18th century blunderbuss weapons, with a wooden frame and expanding barrel. Designed to fit with the aesthetic of other Alliance weapons, everything from the stock to the blade under the barrel are engraved with Dwarf-ish designs. A brass gunpowder flask and leather pouch complete the lot.



Alliance Knight Horse Armor on Stand-in Horse

A knight’s horse is as important as his weapons, and he needs to protect the steed as best as possible. The armor designed for the Alliance war horses provides some much-needed protection for the animals, and match the silver/gold-toned armor of other, with delicate filigree matching armor pieces made specifically for mounted knights. This lot also includes the full-size fiberglass horse stand-in pictured.


These lots and many more are open for bidding now in Prop Store’s WARCRAFT AUCTION Auction, with lots closing Friday, May 4th. Thank you for joining us for our blog coverage and be sure to check out our other articles in our auction series!

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