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FEATURED LOTS | Winter Collectible Posters Live Auction: Los Angeles 2023
Propstore’s poster auctions once again take center stage this December, with its highly anticipated December 7 & 8, 2023 Los Angeles Collectible Posters Live Auction.
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01.05.2019  |  Uncategorized
In the Nilo Rodis-Jamero: Reimagined Auction, Propstore presents an exclusive collection of 150 lots of hand-drawn artwork by veteran designer Nilo Rodis-Jamero.
15.04.2019  |  Auctions
BEYOND THE BORDER: The Sicario: Day of the Soldado Auction
A movie doesn’t have to be set in the distant past, or envision a fantastical future to hook us with its world-building. Often, it’s just as interesting to see how film-makers and craftspeople represent modern-day reality on our screens, no matter how tough and unpalatable it may be.
19.03.2019  |  Auctions
The Hosts Have Arrived: Highlights From the Colony Auction
Life is difficult in Host-occupied Los Angeles. When the mysterious, intergalactic force known as The Hosts arrived on Earth, they quickly sequestered the world’s population in to manageable blocs, complete with gigantic border walls and an oppressive regime of human collaborators. Though many citizens have chosen to live through the occupation as peacefully as possible, […]
13.03.2019  |  Auctions
Faction Before Blood: Highlights from The Divergent Series Live Auction
Ever since Blade Runner, cinematic sci-fi dystopias have always been stylish world-building affairs. Many continue to be heavily influenced by the noir-ish, raincoat-and-neon feel of Ridley Scott’s classic, but some strike out in bold new directions, building their look around their own, unique ideas; movies like The Divergent Series — as Propstore’s next exclusive auction […]
11.03.2019  |  Auctions
Faction Before Blood: Highlights from The Divergent Series Live Auction
In a futuristic, dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions based on human virtues: Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), and Erudite (the intelligent). The Divergent Series is a thrilling action-adventure and global blockbuster franchise from Lionsgate. Propstore is thrilled to offer collectibles from The Divergent Series to […]
26.02.2019  |  Auctions
Toy Story: Propstore Launches Its First Vintage Collectibles Auction…
Propstore’s current Vintage Toys And Collectibles Live Auction represents another ground-breaking first for the company. In bringing together 750 original production toys, international collectibles, posters, cast & crew items into one auction, it is the first time Propstore has moved into the toy collecting space with a carefully curated selection from some of the world’s […]
08.02.2019  |  Auctions
A COLLECTOR’S HEAVEN: Highlights from the 2019 Vintage Toys & Collectibles Live Auction
Each of us falls in love with the playthings we encounter as children, many of them still treasured as we grow up and out of touch with our sense of play. But sometimes we give our toys away, or lose them, or sell them to make space – and immediately after, we regret it. Now, […]
06.02.2019  |  Auctions
Go Go Go Greendale! – Highlights from the Community: Back to School Auction
  By Dean Craig Isadore Pelton Great news! No, not a movie, stop crying. We are doing another auction! Yes, fellow Greendale Human Beings, we are opening the GCC vault once again to bring some timeless, Community College classics back to the auction block. What’s Dean got to do with it? Why, I get to […]
28.01.2019  |  Auctions
Gearing Up: Highlights from the Ghost in the Shell Auction 2.0
In a world of rampant technological advancements, it is often hard to keep perspective on how much the new devices effect our daily lives. Anyone with a smartphone has gone from relative anonymity to having a computer, and GPS, in their pocket practically all day long. But, advancements like the internet and smart phones were […]
10.01.2019  |  Auctions
Your Future Self: Enhancement from the Ghost in the Shell Auction 2.0
The near-future world of Ghost in the Shell presents a technological landscape where humanity and machine intersect at every corner. In a film concerned with questions of humanity and preserving one’s “self”, the world around the characters has been specifically designed to work against their better judgement, with technological advancements constantly on offer to distract […]
29.11.2018  |  Auctions
TV Treasures Auction Bidding Guide
  Is this your first auction? First in a while? You’ve only ever used eBay?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  In addition to our full Buyer’s Guide and Terms & Conditions, here is a handy reference guide to the various ways that you can participate in TV Treasures Auction!
26.11.2018  |  Auctions
Childhood Favorites: Highlights from the TV Treasures Auction
What was your favorite show as a kid? You probably know without even thinking about it. The shows we watch at a young age tend to stick with us, quietly influencing our adult lives, whether through a colorful character, a well-remembered commercial, or an unforgettable theme song. Thankfully, these childhood classics are well-represented in the […]
23.11.2018  |  Auctions
Living Your Best Black Friday 2018
What do a Xenomorph tongue from AVP: Alien vs. Predator and a Tommy Tank from the Robin Williams comedy Toys have in common? Well, Propstore is offering both in time for Black Friday!
16.11.2018  |  Auctions
They Came From Outer Space: Highlights from the TV Treasures Auction
Television is a fleeting medium. A series that’s lucky enough to find an audience goes from concept to cancellation in a few short years, forever being replaced by the network’s next attempt at a hit. Culture at large tends to forget many of these stories, which puts narratives and characters that stick with us in […]
13.11.2018  |  Auctions
Here’s Your No Prize, Stan Lee
Stan Lee, the pioneering former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief and Hollywood’s King of Cameos, shuffled off his mortal coil earlier this week at age 95. The team at Propstore joins the world in mourning the passing of this legendary multihyphenate.
12.11.2018  |  Auctions
Boldly Going: Highlights from the TV Treasures Auction
Outer space was on the forefront of culture in the 1960s. When President John F. Kennedy set out his plans for the New Frontier, he rekindled a lost pioneer spirit and set our sights – and imaginations- on the stars. Armstrong and Aldrin first explored the moon in 1969, and a short 300 years later, […]