Our Specialists

With over 150 years of combined collecting experience, you’re in the safe hands of true experts and enthusiasts. We care for every customer and every piece of history that comes our way.

Stephen Lane

Stephen Lane is the CEO and Founder of Propstore, having established the business in 1998. For nearly three decades Stephen has been a central figure in entertainment memorabilia and has been a key driver in the transformation of the space from a cottage industry to a mainstream collectibles field with global participation. He is today recognized as one of the world’s foremost entertainment memorabilia experts and has a vast personal network of global industry contacts. During his career Stephen has unearthed some of the greatest film and television treasures known to exist and has established relationships for Propstore with key partners and suppliers throughout the production and entertainment industry. He continues to have a direct role in sourcing top content for Propstore, and regularly acts as the face of the business speaking to mainstream outlets across all media and continues to champion the field and grow global awareness. Stephen oversees all of Propstore’s activities in the U.K. and U.S. and is based in London.

Brandon Alinger

Brandon Alinger is the COO of Propstore and has been with the company since establishing the U.S. division of the business alongside Stephen Lane in 2007. Brandon manages the U.S. division of Propstore directly and works with the London team on global operations. He also works closely with many of Propstore’s longest-standing consignors and customers. Widely known in the collecting community as a treasure hunter, Brandon has located many pieces of film history that were previously thought to be lost. Prior to joining Propstore, Brandon was a collector, researcher and aspiring film historian. He founded one of the first online prop research communities, the RPF, in the late 1990s. His knowledge of film history led him to author or co-author several books including Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy and Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie; total print distribution on his works is over 40,000 copies. Brandon is based in Los Angeles.

Chuck Costas

Chuck Costas is the VP of Business Development and Marketing at Propstore, having joined in 2018. Chuck is a lifelong collector in multiple memorabilia categories and was previously a Managing Director with 20+ years experience at a top global management consulting firm. Chuck is responsible for generating new business, managing studio-partner experiences and processes, and project promotion. He is an expert in comic artwork and comic books, serves as Creative Consultant to the travelling Marvel: Universe of Super-Heroes exhibit, and has curated original art exhibits since 2004 focused on comic book artist, Mike Zeck, in California, Maryland, and Florida. Chuck is based in Los Angeles.

Tim Lawes

Tim Lawes is the Director of Consignments for Propstore’s U.K. division. He was hired as Propstore’s first-ever team member shortly after the business was founded and has therefore worked in every facet of the business during his tenure. Tim is a lifelong collector of props and costumes, having participated in auctions in the U.K. since 1987. He was one of the first collectors trading internationally in the 1990s and has seen a massive transformation in the industry since its humble beginnings. Tim has a vast knowledge of films across all genres and eras and is therefore a great resource for Propstore clients as well as consignors. Tim is based outside London.

Art Andrews

Art Andrews is the Director of Consignments for Propstore’s U.S. division. Art has extensive experience in the prop and costume industry, having previously worked as a Director of Product Development for a studio licensee, a role where he logged thousands of hours researching and documenting original production assets at major studios across the entertainment industry. His research background and knowledge of production assets is core his understanding of entertainment memorabilia as collectibles. Art is also the owner of multiple online prop and costume-related communities. He has an additional background in Information Technologies and applies efficiencies and process improvements to Propstore’s consignments department. Art is based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Grey Smith

With more than 50 years of experience in vintage poster collecting, Grey Smith is Prop Store’s U.S. Poster Director. He spent over 20 years building the world’s largest auction venue for vintage film posters, with over $150 million in value sold. His trusted experience in film, vintage travel, war, advertising, and music posters is world-renowned.

Maegen Hensley

Maegen Hensley is the Director of Studio Consignments at Propstore. She has a background in Fashion Design and Merchandising and worked for major fashion brands prior to transitioning to the film costume industry. Maegen has extensive experience handling and researching original film and television costumes. She is an active member of the Costuming community, having previously acted as Dean and President of Costumer’s Guild West. She is also a board member of the Historical Citizen’s Association, a historical educational group with a heavy costume focus. She works with Propstore’s partners to ensure the best content is curated and cataloged for all studio auctions. Maegen is based in Los Angeles.

Mark Hochman

Mark Hochman is the Director of Consignments for Music and Posters at Propstore. He oversees all content for Propstore’s Cinema Poster Live Auctions, and has established the music division of the business. Mark has been part of the movie poster trade since the 1980s and established a leading U.K. posters site in 2005. He has a reputation as a knowledgeable and trusted specialist, and has relationships with many artists and professionals within the poster industry. Mark has made many media appearances during his career, and recently contributed to a documentary on the 50th anniversary of the British classic Get Carter. Mark is based outside London.

Sian Taylor

Sian Taylor is the Director of Operations for Propstore’s U.K. division. Sian had a background in theatre and had worked in film production before joining Propstore in 2010. Sian was a collector before she worked in the industry and continues to collect actively today. She has a specialist knowledge of content relating to Dr. Who as well as the Lord of the Rings franchise. Prior to her current role, Sian was Head of Research & Copy for Propstore U.K. for many years and oversaw the analysis and cataloging of thousands of items during that time. She continues to be hands-on with content as she oversees auction management, including the photography and copy teams. Sian is based outside London.