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FEATURED LOTS | Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – Los Angeles 2024
In the first of two Los Angeles auctions this year, the Propstore team are offering 1,700 movie and TV treasures, with a total value of $8 million!
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02.05.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
The Near Future: Highlights from the Ghost in the Shell Auction
The world of Ghost in the Shell presents a future of almost total technological emersion. With holographic projections dancing on every building and cybernetic enhancements more common than haircuts, technology has seeped into every aspect of life in Major and Batou’s world, for better and worse…
24.04.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
“This is Major”: Highlights from the Ghost in the Shell Auction
Major Mira Killian is one of Public Security Section 9’s best agents, and their secret weapon. Though most of the team is cybernetically enhanced, Major is lightyears beyond them, with an organic brain housed in a fully synthetic shell designed for the film by Weta Workshop. But while Major’s technological attributes make her a living […]
10.04.2018  |  AuctionsUncategorized
Port Charles Legacies: Highlights from the General Hospital Auction
With 55 years under its belt, General Hospital has seen its share of characters and storylines pass through its emergency room doors. But, while other characters come and go, some names have been a staple in Port Charles for decades. Take a look at some of the highlight lots from a few of General Hospital’s […]
14.03.2018  |  Auctions
Jumanji Auction: Player’s Guide
Hello, I’m Nigel Billingsley, welcoming you to the exciting world of the Jumanji Auction. I’ll be your guide throughout the sale, but before we get started, you’ll need to choose which avatar you’d like to play as. Luckily, we have a few great options still available…
23.01.2018  |  Auctions
Gods Of Egypt Auction… Walking With Gods
In the world of Gods of Egypt, the pantheon of gods lived among their creations as deities and rulers. Despite their true, almighty forms, the gods take human form among their lesser creations, showing their power and status through clothing and armor rather than wings and claws. Take a look now at some of the […]
16.01.2018  |  Auctions
Gods Of Egypt Auction… Women Of The Nile
Unlike the armored militarism of many of the male gods, the female deities of Gods of Egypt show their power more subtly, incorporating symbols of their might into the fine dresses, crowns, and other ornamental pieces they wear. Naturally, this makes many of the goddess costumes some of the most visually arresting lots in the […]
10.01.2018  |  Auctions
Gods Of Egypt Auction… Defending Egypt
When gods walk among their followers, danger follows close behind. Despite their almighty powers, the deities in Gods of Egypt feud like any royal family in an effort to rule Egypt as they see fit. Take a look now at some of the stand-out armor, prop weapons, and more from the Gods of Egypt Auction and […]
28.11.2017  |  AuctionsStar Trek
Star Trek Live Auction… Style in the Stars: Redesigning the Starfleet
The Star Trek crew uniform is an iconic piece of the franchise. Since the original series, the primary colored tunic/black pant combination has been one of the most culturally identifiable images, and was translated and updated for the latest films…
27.11.2017  |  AuctionsStar Trek
Star Trek Live Auction… The Danger Beyond: Navigating Klingon Space
Throughout Star Trek’s 50 years of existence, the Klingons have remained one of the most dangerous and problematic species in Starfleet’s orbit. Naturally, the Klingons return in the new films and remain in brutal opposition to the Starfleet mission…
24.11.2017  |  AuctionsStar Trek
Star Trek Live Auction… The Final Frontier: Uniforms and Props From the USS Enterprise
Debuting in 1966, Star Trek unleashed a pop-culture phenomenon that would permanently keep a residence in the consciousness and hearts of science fiction fans. With Star Trek’s popularity, Starfleet’s Captain William T. Kirk, Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, and the ever-so-logical Mr. Spock quickly catapulted from television series characters to beloved icons.
16.11.2017  |  AuctionsStar Trek
Star Trek Live Auction… Andy Siegel: Starfleet’s Prop Master
Working as the Prop Master for a major motion picture is a tough job, even when the pieces you’re creating aren’t already iconic. When industry veteran Andy Siegel landed the job for Star Trek Into Darkness, he was not only taking on a sequel to a successful film, but a legacy of props and design […]
14.11.2017  |  AuctionsUncategorized
Propstore Presents.. Curated Cullens: Set Dressing in ‘The Twilight Saga’
With an eternity ahead of them, the vampires of Forks, Washington needed creative ways to fill their time and keep their minds engaged with the world. While some vampires took part in far less savory creative outlets, the Cullen family seems to have made art collecting their hobby, and decorated their house with an eclectic […]
14.11.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore Presents… Timed Auctions For Twihards
We know! You thought 2016’s The Twilight Saga Live Auction was your only shot at walking away with something original from the films. But now original props and costumes from The Twilight Saga are back on the auction block in a timed, online auction. And since we figured some bidders would have questions, here are […]
24.07.2017  |  AuctionsUncategorized
Spectral Auction : The Weta Way
While most productions call for a specialty prop or two, few projects demand an arsenal of unique and intricate designs seen in the Legendary and Netflix Original film, Spectral. To meet the script’s demands, the world-famous Weta Workshop, under the leadership of senior concept designer Christian Pearce, was tapped to design all the unique cameras, […]
24.07.2017  |  Uncategorized
Spectral Auction: Improvised Warfare
The members of the Delta team are highly trained for the very worst warfare imaginable, but even they don’t stand a chance against an enemy that can’t be killed. To fight the dangerous hyperspectral condensates they encounter, the Delta team improvises some unique weapons before battle. Check out some of these highlight weapon lots that […]
27.06.2017  |  AuctionsUncategorized
Propstore Presents… The Greendale Seven
By Dean Craig Isadore Pelton Long time no Dean! Yes, yes, I’m back for another look at Greendale Community College’s very special auction lots! This time, I thought we’d focus on the Greendale student body as a whole… but seven students in particular. The Greendale Seven were the fiercest, most devoted study group this school […]