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FEATURED LOTS | Fall Online Collectible Posters Auction: London 2023
Whether you’re a devout poster collector, a movie buff, or looking for an eye-catching piece of art for your walls, there is something for everyone in our twelfth UK poster auction.
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11.08.2023  |  AuctionsPosters
Beyond the Frame: The Rise of Alternative Movie Posters
With our latest Online Collectible Posters Auction featuring our most extensive selection of Alternative Movie Posters yet, let’s delve into the history, evolution, and impact of these creative and unconventional works of art that have gained popularity alongside traditional movie posters.
11.08.2023  |  AuctionsPosters
FEATURED LOTS | Fall Online Collectible Posters Auction: London 2023
Whether you’re a devout poster collector, a movie buff, or looking for an eye-catching piece of art for your walls, there is something for everyone in our twelfth UK poster auction.
13.07.2023  |  Auctions
Round Up of the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – Summer 2023
22.06.2023  |  Auctions
The Dark Knight’s Rides
We get under the hood of Christopher Nolan’s remarkable Bat-vehicles
20.06.2023  |  AuctionsStar Wars
Timeless Elegance | Princess Leia’s Original Ceremonial Dress
As the final live auction days in this year’s Propstore Los Angeles Live Auction (June 28-30) come ever closer, let us dive in and examine a true highlight and, in my humble opinion, one of the most breathtaking and culturally significant lots up for offer. I’m of course talking about none other than the glorious […]
13.06.2023  |  Auctions
360 Exhibition Tour | Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – Los Angeles, 2023
Welcome to our exclusive look around the 2023 Los Angeles Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction exhibition…
05.06.2023  |  Auctions
FEATURED LOTS | June Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction: Los Angeles 2023
From June 28-30, the Propstore Los Angeles team will be putting more than 1,400 movie and TV treasures up for auction, with a total value of over $12 million. After last year’s auction saw an ultra-rare Star Wars X-wing miniature sell for $2,375,000, we expect this year’s to feature some big bids, given the astonishing […]
02.05.2023  |  AuctionsPosters
FEATURED LOTS | May Online Collectible Posters Auction: Los Angeles 2023
Whether you’re a fan of classic film noir, silent-era productions, ’50s sci-fi or old-school monster movies something is sure to catch your eye in our first-ever US Collectibles Poster auction.
24.04.2023  |  Uncategorized
Indiana Jones | The Magic Of Practical Effects
From electrifying chase scenes to hair-raising booby traps and a lot of snakes, the Indiana Jones franchise has given us an endless amount of visual thrills, tension-breaking humour and whip-cracking escapism.  On June 30th 2023, a dark fedora, a coiled whip and a dusty, well-worn leather jacket will be donned once more by one of […]
09.03.2023  |  Uncategorized
Guillermo del Toro | Top Of The Props
Guillermo del Toro is one of the most distinctive and visually interesting directors regularly working today, one whose work could be identified by just a still image, such are del Toro’s clear  aesthetic sensibilities. He is a very hands-on director, working closely with production and costume designers to bring his original ideas to life, and […]
16.02.2023  |  Auctions
FEATURED LOTS | Online Entertainment Memorabilia Auction: Los Angeles 2023
The Online Entertainment Memorabilia Auction is now live and running until February 27 & 28, 2023. Get your bids in now, as with over 1,100 lots there’s something for fans, hardcore collectors, and beginners alike! Check out our highlights…
08.02.2023  |  AuctionsPosters
FEATURED LOTS | March Poster Online Auction: London 2023
The London Propstore March 2023 Poster Online Auction is live and running until March 2, when it closes in a timed online-only format. Get your bids in early, as with 580 lots from over 200 films there’s sure to be something for everyone. Check out some of our auction highlights, below…
20.01.2023  |  Uncategorized
Jack Nicholson | A Class Act
Many actors fall into typecasts, whilst others try their best to wear many hats when it comes to their roles. But very few actors are capable of the undeniable versatility of Jack Nicholson. In a career spanning 55 years, he has played everything from a comic book villain, a murderous madman, a patient in a […]
29.11.2022  |  Collections
Christmas Ideas 2022
It’s that time of year again. The time when a lot of us have to think “I wonder what [insert family member’s name] will want for Christmas this year…” and then we struggle, trawling through thousands of websites or fighting hoards of shoppers on the high street to find something. So here at Propstore we […]
16.11.2022  |  Auctions
Round up of the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – Fall 2022
Cinema brings us entertainment, excitement and the opportunity to lose ourselves in other worlds. But it also brings us together. There is nothing quite like the experience of seeing a movie with friends, family and strangers, all gathered in a single space sharing the thrill of the action, laughing together at the jokes, or shedding […]
27.10.2022  |  Auctions
Collector, Mario Kirner’s Q&A | Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – Fall 2022
Mario Kirner’s love for cult horror franchise Friday the 13th goes all the way back to his childhood in the 1980s. To his 13th birthday, appropriately enough. The German collector has, over the decades since, amassed the world’s most impressive selection of Friday the 13th props and costumes – most of them screen-matched – gathering […]