Gods Of Egypt Auction… Walking With Gods

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In the world of Gods of Egypt, the pantheon of gods lived among their creations as deities and rulers. Despite their true, almighty forms, the gods take human form among their lesser creations, showing their power and status through clothing and armor rather than wings and claws. Take a look now at some of the most memorable looks from the deities in the Gods of Egypt Auction.



Lot 1 – Horus’s Stunt Coronation Costume

At the start of the film, Horus, the God of Air, is set to be crowned Egypt’s next king during a gigantic coronation ceremony. Horus dressed in his moral-best for the occasion, having shed his true form for armor befitting a king. This costume’s design plays into the “God of Air” motif, featuring chainmail meant to mimic feathers and bird ornaments throughout (including two detached falcon patches).




Lot 291 – Set’s Stunt Battle Armor Costume

Never one to play nice with others, Set seized the throne from his nephew, Horus, and ruled Egypt with an iron fist. With this lot, Set’s aggressive ornamental armor reflects his unbridled cruelty, setting him apart from the gleaming, gilded gods in the pantheon. The armor evokes danger, with monstrous ribs, scaled leather, and unearthly design elements throughout. A scale-textured cape completes the villain’s look.


79116_The Eye of Horus Mount and Light-Up Eye 02_2


Lot 82 – Light-Up Eye of Horus and Mount

The source of a god’s power is their most precious possession. For Horus, his almighty powers reside in his eyes, which Set happily took from him when he seized the throne. He then separated the eyes, keeping one on a mount in his underground treasure room. The acrylic eye features a small internal battery and bulb which is activated by a hidden button. The accompanying mount is made of resin and closely matches the ancient Egyptian symbol of protection.


78609_Thoth's Stunt Coronation Headdress and Cuffs_178609_Thoth's Stunt Coronation Headdress and Cuffs_3


Lot 41 – Thoth’s Stunt Coronation Headdress and Cuff

If knowledge is power, then Thoth, the God of Wisdom, is a force to be reckoned with. While many gods dress to emphasize their strength, Thoth’s ornate headdress communicates to the world that what he prizes most rests in his mind.  The headdress is paired with matching cuffs that were created for use by a photo double or stunt performer.


78391_Osirus' Crook and Flail_1


Lot 46 – Osiris’s Crook and Flail

A crook and flail are almost as iconic to ancient Egypt as pyramids, sarcophagi, and mummies. Though not seen in the final cut of the film, these props were created for the King of Egypt himself and are great representations of the film’s melding of mythology, fantasy, and futurism. The traditional shape is elaborated on with futuristic, geometric designs that visually represents the other-worldliness of the gods in the film.


These lots and many more will be open for bidding in Prop Store’s Gods of Egypt Auction starting January 15th, with lots closing Friday, January 26th. Thank you for joining us for our blog coverage and be sure to check out our other articles in this auction series!

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