The Star Trek crew uniform is an iconic piece of the franchise. Since the original series, the primary colored tunic/black pant combination has been one of the most culturally identifiable images, and was translated and updated for the latest films…

Though the appearance of the Enterprise crew remain nearly identical between Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), wardrobe designers added slight variations to both the form and the function of their versions of the signature look.

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The Tunics

For Star Trek Into Darkness, the costume department made several small changes to the uniforms from the first film. To start, he went with slightly different shades for each primary color for the Starfleet uniform. The Operations shirt were made redder, the Sciences officers wore a slightly greener blue, and the Command uniforms were given a bolder gold hue. Additionally, a hidden zipper was added to the back of the tunics. This feature made changing in and out of the famously form-fitting uniforms much simpler for the performers. Finally, the Starfleet insignias were upgraded from resin versions in Star Trek (2009) in favor of heftier metal versions.




The Undershirts

The undershirts offer an even more obvious tell when you look at the position of the collar seams. For Star Trek (2009), the collar seam is several inches down the neck, giving the shirts a turtle neck-like appearance. For Into Darkness though, the seam was sewn more intuitively and is less than an inch from the top of the collar.


The Pants

When creating the uniform pants for Star Trek (2009), the costume department sought a design that lent as much to function as it did to fashion. This resulted in pants being made from grey twill with horizontal patterns at the knees to assist with movement — perfect if you ever find yourself part of an away team on an unknown planet! However, with Into Darkness, subtle changes were made to the pants. Most notably, pants made specifically for Into Darkness differ in their knee patterns, which switched out the horizontal line patter in favor of diagonal.




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