Hello, I’m Nigel Billingsley, welcoming you to the exciting world of the Jumanji Auction. I’ll be your guide throughout the sale, but before we get started, you’ll need to choose which avatar you’d like to play as. Luckily, we have a few great options still available…



Dr. Xander “Smolder” Bravestone

Let’s start the game off right with Jumanji’s strongest defender, Dr. Xander “Smolder” Bravestone. Brave as he is smart, tough as he is bald, Dr. Bravestone’s adventures in archaeology have gotten him into some tough scrapes. Thankfully, his incredible strength and complete lack of weaknesses always help him win the day for the good guys. The Smolder keeps his expedition look simple, with a short-sleeve safari shirt, tactical cargo pants, and a hefty pair of boots. Top it off with a custom belt and leg sheath and he’s ready to defend Jumanji all on his own, even in Four-Player mode. And, if you take a close look at that belt, you’ll see a few buttons familiar to any gamer worth their joystick.



Ruby Roundhouse

This deadly kicker-of-posteriors is often a part of Dr. Bravestone’s excursion party, there to defend the group from any combatants, vicious animals, or dance-offs they come across in the wild. Ruby wears her no-nonsense attitude on her sleeve, taking to the jungle in a short-cropped top and harness, cargo shorts, and a fetching pair of knee high boots; great protection against a deadly snake bite. Her gloves, bracelets, and choker necklace complete the adventurer’s look.



Professor Sheldon Oberon

As the resident cartographer, archaeologist, and paleontologist, Professor “Shelly” Oberon is easily the most learned members of Dr. Bravestone’s excursion team. A proper gentlemen, the professor often takes the world of academia with him on an adventure; his tan jacket, vest, and bow tie constitute his safari-best. Always ready for a quick excavation, Professor Oberon is usually equipped with his brush, ruler, and compass at all times.



Franklin “Mouse” Finbar

With Dr. Bravestone, Ruby, and Professor Oberon bravely working their way through the jungle, it’s up to one man to… carry their stuff. Franklin “Mouse” Findbar may not be the smartest, bravest, or tallest member of Bravestone’s excursion party, but that doesn’t stop this pint-sized weapons valet from trying to keep pace with his compatriots. Dressed for survival, Finbar wears his polo, customized safari vest, shorts and wide brimmed hat on an adventure with this team. Most importantly, Dr. Bravestone’s trusted weapons valet is also always equipped with his rucksack of weapons, tools, and the occasional boomerang.


These lots and many more are open for bidding now in Propstore’s Jumanji Auction, with lots closing Tuesday, March 20th. Thank you for joining us for our blog coverage and be sure to check out our other articles in this auction series!

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