Major Mira Killian is one of Public Security Section 9’s best agents, and their secret weapon. Though most of the team is cybernetically enhanced, Major is lightyears beyond them, with an organic brain housed in a fully synthetic shell designed for the film by Weta Workshop. But while Major’s technological attributes make her a living weapon, her new body and fractured memory keep her from feeling truly human. Reboot your drives and take a deep dive with us into some of Major’s most memorable lots in the Ghost in the Shell Auction.



Lot 395 – Major’s (Scarlett Johansson) Stage Three Thermoptic Suit Costume

Easily Major’s most advanced tool as a Section 9 agent is her thermoptic suit. Designed to hide any trace of her, the thermoptic suit is invisible on radar scans and even to the naked eye, allowing Major to keep the element of surprise during an attack. Made at Weta Workshop, this incredible, skin tight suit consists of a body suit, torso, gloves and boots, all made primarily from flesh-colored silicone. A resin thigh holster completes the lot.



Lot 274 – Major’s (Scarlett Johansson) Underwater Costume

The cacophony of Hong Kong’s congested streets and holographic projections is a tough place to clear your mind, so when Major feels the need to, she goes to where the city can’t reach her. Under the Hong Kong harbor, Major floats through a pod of jellyfish, contemplating her past and future. Like the thermoptic suit, Major’s wetsuit was custom-made by production, and features a grey/blue patchwork design with a fishnet pattern throughout. A pair of large fins and a weight vest care also included.



Lot 390 – Major’s (Scarlett Johansson) Section 9 Tactical Uniform and Machine Gun

While Major’s thermoptic suit is perfect for stealth infiltration, Section 9 usually relies on the direct approach when apprehending a suspect. Based on modern police equipment, the tactical uniforms made for the Section 9 team are made of nylon and are equipped with chest and leg armor for additional protection. Major’s uniform also features a thigh holster and long glove on her left hand. This lot also includes a resin machine gun, making this the most fully equipped tactical lot in the auction.



Lot 4 – Major’s (Scarlett Johansson) Bomber Jacket Costume and Medi Packs

Despite her cybernetic shell, Major’s physical alterations do not stop her from walking through the world like an average person. Dressed in her distinct bomber jacket and outfit, no one would suspect Major to be one of the most advanced technological achievements ever created. The black bomber jackets features swamp green patches and piping as well as a neon orange strip along the right side of the jacket’s opening. A grey tank top, spandex pants, and boots complete Major’s incognito appearance, with a pair of earrings and two Hanka medi packs included as well.


These lots and many more are open for bidding now in Propstore’s GHOST IN THE SHELL Auction, with lots closing Friday, May 4th. Thank you for joining us for our blog coverage and be sure to check out our other articles in our auction series!

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