Throughout Star Trek’s 50 years of existence, the Klingons have remained one of the most dangerous and problematic species in Starfleet’s orbit. Naturally, the Klingons return in the new films and remain in brutal opposition to the Starfleet mission…

76715_Klingon Empire Jacket Emblem 03_1

Lot # 145 – Klingon Empire Insignia

Just as with the classic Starfleet insignia, the Star Trek Into Darkness designers knew that they could not change a classic. This instantly recognizable piece of Star Trek symbology represents the Empire that served as Starfleet’s greatest threat to peace for hundreds of years. Made to look weathered from the rough lifestyle of the Klingons, this piece is produced from urethane and is made to be proudly displayed on the chest of all Klingons who value strength, duty, and sacrifice.


 75779_Klingon Paul Robert Ambrose Long Jakcet_2 75779_Klingon Paul Robert Ambrose Long Jakcet_1

75779_Klingon Paul Robert Ambrose Long Jakcet_4

Lot # 61 – Klingon Guard Greatcoat Uniform

The Klingon greatcoat uniform was originally designed by Michael Kaplan for use in Star Trek (2009), which saw coated Klingons on Rura Penthe, a Klingon prison planet where Nero and his crew were held after being captured. Though this scene was ultimately cut from the film, many elements were reused when the Star Trek Into Darkness script called for a small Klingon army. The aesthetic of this coat is extravagant while keeping with the rugged style of the Klingons. Made from a material that resembled the skin of an alien species, the coat features a prominent collar which rests high on the shoulders of the wearer. A pair of leather wristguards and dirtied boots completes the penal colony look of this outfit.


75755_Stunt C.C. Taylor Klingon Costume_6 75755_Stunt C.C. Taylor Klingon Costume_2

Lot # 147 – Klingon Guard Uniform with Helmet, Full-Length Disruptor, and Disruptor

A culture that embraces conflict deserves a look that matches its aggressive tendencies. The armor in this costume is made to look as though it is produced from the hide of an alien species. The shirt and pants are made from equally strange material and are worn beneath the armor. Additionally, this costume features a helmet which is made from dense urethane and is painted to appear as though it is hammered metal. This helmet’s aesthetic fits perfectly into the Klingon world and features a design similar to the famous ridged forehead of the warrior race.

This outfit is paired with a Klingon disruptor which is stored in a holster on the hip. Additionally, A full-length disruptor is also included with this lot and shares a similar design to its smaller counterpart.


 76498_Rubber Light-up Klingon Gun 01_2  76498_Rubber Light-up Klingon Gun 01_3

Lot # 62 – Light-Up Klingon Disruptor

Though the Klingons are known to prefer hand-to-hand combat while wielding their bat’leth, the species also employs firearms in their repertoire of fighting tactics. A complete redesign of disruptors seen in previous Star Trek television series and films, this piece features a utilitarian design with hard angles and a diagonal grip. Though made to fire from a distance, this weapon still exhibits the Klingon love for brutal combat as the weapon features designs for melee attacks on both the grip and barrel. Unlike Starfleet weapons, this Klingon disruptor has no stun setting.

Made from urethane over an aluminum substructure, this piece is painted to appear as though it is made from metal. Notably, this SFX prop features a small green window which houses small green LED lights, allowing the prop to look ready-to-fire at the press of a button.


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