Gods Of Egypt Auction… Defending Egypt

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When gods walk among their followers, danger follows close behind. Despite their almighty powers, the deities in Gods of Egypt feud like any royal family in an effort to rule Egypt as they see fit. Take a look now at some of the stand-out armor, prop weapons, and more from the Gods of Egypt Auction and see which god deserves your devotion

79114_Set's Army helmet,shield, and weapons 02_1


Lot 180 – Set’s Army Helmet, Shield, and Prop Weapons

Straight off of a soldier in Set’s army, this lot includes an armored helmet, shield, prop sword, prop dagger, and scabbards for both. The red, scaled helmet boasts a gold-tone face mask and a tail of faux black hair flowing from the crown. The large shield continues the scale aesthetic, with reptilian teeth and eyes incorporated into the design of the leather. The khopesh-style prop sword and small prop dagger share a patina gold look and similarly designed scabbards.




Lot 185 – Guardian God’s Shield

When Set attacked Nephthys’s tower, he was met with resistance by a small band of gods who were loyal to the Goddess of Protection and stood their ground to defend her. One of these unnamed gods carried a shield covered in ancient hieroglyphs and symbols. The resin shield was designed to appear well-used, with cracks and other small, purposeful injuries sculpted into the front-facing side. The piece is finished with faded gold tones.




Lot 160 – Nephthys’s Army Shield, Prop Swords, and Prop Daggers

Along with the allied gods, Nephthys was also protected by her army of loyal soldiers when Set attacked. These soldiers were equipped with shields, swords, and daggers, all of which incorporated the Goddess of Protection’s wing motif. Uniformly designed, all items in this lot are painted in blue and gold tones.


78541_Bull God VFX Swords And Belt 02_178541_Bull-God-VFX-Swords-And-Belt-02_3


Lot 205 – Mnevis’s VFX Prop Swords and Belt

Though many of the gods choose to resemble a human form through much of the film, the bull god Mnevis shows his true visage when engaged in battle. For this reason, VFX versions of his swords were created for use by stunt performers while shooting complicated battle sequences. The resin prop swords are cast from detailed molds and show the various hieroglyphs and design elements incorporated into the pieces’ sculpt. Both of the swords and the accompanying belt have been painted with a bold blue to make the objects easier for animators to replace with computer generated versions for the finished sequence.


78560_Astarte War-Axe and Dagger_1


Lot 224 – Astarte’s Prop War-Axe and Prop Dagger

To hunt down his nephew Horus, Set sent goddesses Anat and Astarte to handle the problem personally. Atop her giant sand snake, Astarte is a formidable foe, especially when wielding her dagger and war-axe. These prop weapons are a design departure from other props created for the film, where the quasi-futuristism of the gods has been corrupted by more reptilian, monstrous features. The pieces are fully painted in shades of black and gold.


These lots and many more will be open for bidding in Prop Store’s Gods of Egypt Auction starting January 15th, with lots closing Friday, January 26th. Thank you for joining us for our blog coverage and be sure to check out our other articles in this auction series!

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  1. Great! Atop her giant sand snake, Astarte is a formidable foe, especially when wielding her dagger and war-axe.

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  5. Avatar Max Payne says:

    Even pharaohs used bow. Bows were simple, made of wood, and complex, reinforced with tendons, plates of bone and horns. Its a pitty that there is no bow in this collection. In Ancient Egypt the main protective weapons were rectangular wooden shields. They were covered with leather or skins. The body was protected with soft armor of white fabrics. It was convenient in a hot climate. The armor consisted of linen strips wrapped around the body. They also used linen quilted cuirasses and combat belts made of leather. The head was covered with caps from several layers of tissue. The soldiers fought naked to the waist, the bottom of the body was covered with a quilted cloth shield. A wig or a painted hat was worn on the head. Fought barefoot, leather sandals wore only rich people. The main throwing weapons of the infantry were bows and arrows.

    1. Avatar Website says:

      The second largest contingent in an Egyptian army (after the bowmen) was the spearmen. Spears are cheap and it takes little training for levy soldiers to figure out how to use them. Charioteers also carried spears as secondary weapons and to keep enemy infantry from getting to close. Similar to arrowheads Egyptian spears progressed through stone, obsidian, copper and finally iron stages.

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