The world of Ghost in the Shell presents a future of almost total technological emersion. With holographic projections dancing on every building and cybernetic enhancements more common than haircuts, technology has seeped into every aspect of life in Major and Batou’s world, for better and worse…



Lot 176 – Batou’s (Pilou Asbæk) SIX12 Revolving Shotgun and Cylinder

With technological advancements so prevalent in the world around him, it’s no wonder that Section 9’s Batou is armed with the toughest firearm around. Like many firearms created for the film, Batou’s custom revolving shotgun is based on an existing rifle that has been heavily modified to fit with the rest of Ghost in the Shell’s future. The real weapon’s thin barrel design has been replaced with a sturdy, stocky front end, leaving the stock and revolving ammunition cylinder mostly unchanged. This non-functional prop gun also includes an extra ammunition cylinder.



Lot 394 – Post-Attack Geisha Head

In a world where robotic assistants have become commonplace, it isn’t hard to imagine similar technology being put to more intimate use. The geisha bots seen in the Hotel Maciej sequence are a perfect hybrid of traditional design and futuristic technology. The hair of this Geisha head is sculpted in a traditional Japanese style- with white, pink, and red designs standing in for makeup on the robotic face. This particular lot was made for use after Major and the Section 9 team destroy the geisha bots attacking a banquet dinner, and therefore features a “shot out” left eye and detached chin and cable pieces.



Lot 108 – Geisha Bot Body

But despite their refined outward appearance, a geisha bot is no different than any other robot, as seen here. The only full body robot lot in the auction, this geisha bot exposes the hidden secrets behind all the robots in the Ghost in the Shell universe, with a paired down, segmented take on the human body.



Lot 70 – Major’s (Scarlett Johansson) Hanka Medi Pack

While fully robotic creations like the geisha bots are an impressive milestone for the world of Ghost in the Shell, the film is much more concerned about where the line separating organic flesh and cybernetic enhancements starts to blur. No character represents that better than Major. A brain transfer patient in a completely cybernetic body, even Major’s medication must be administered differently, preferably through a port at the base of her neck. Unaware of the solution’s true purpose, Major regularly administered self-care through the use of here Hanka Medi Packs.



Lot 130 – Pair of Yakuza Club Huffing Face Masks

Even when technology advances to unforeseen heights, people are always people, with feelings, fears, and vices. When Major and Batou investigate a hidden away Yakuza bar, many patrons are seen watching holographic images while using huffing masks like these. Designed after the traditional Kabuki style, these ornate masks connect to bottles of who-knows-what and likely leads to a good night and a rough morning. Mask too obtrusive? This lot also includes two mini huffers with hoses.


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