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Propstore Website Updates – A Quick Summary
For more than a year now, we’ve been re-imagining our brand, visual identity and website. As of 4th April 2022, these changes are all live. Here's what you need to know in a nutshell..
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01.08.2018  |  Auctions
Welcome To The Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction 2018
Propstore is one of the world’s leading specialist retailers in movie and television memorabilia. Founded way back in 1998, now with offices based both in London and LA, 2018 is a particularly special year for year for us since this is Propstore’s 20th anniversary….
23.01.2018  |  Auctions
Gods Of Egypt Auction… Walking With Gods
In the world of Gods of Egypt, the pantheon of gods lived among their creations as deities and rulers. Despite their true, almighty forms, the gods take human form among their lesser creations, showing their power and status through clothing and armor rather than wings and claws. Take a look now at some of the […]
16.01.2018  |  Auctions
Gods Of Egypt Auction… Women Of The Nile
Unlike the armored militarism of many of the male gods, the female deities of Gods of Egypt show their power more subtly, incorporating symbols of their might into the fine dresses, crowns, and other ornamental pieces they wear. Naturally, this makes many of the goddess costumes some of the most visually arresting lots in the […]
10.01.2018  |  Auctions
Gods Of Egypt Auction… Defending Egypt
When gods walk among their followers, danger follows close behind. Despite their almighty powers, the deities in Gods of Egypt feud like any royal family in an effort to rule Egypt as they see fit. Take a look now at some of the stand-out armor, prop weapons, and more from the Gods of Egypt Auction and […]
28.11.2017  |  AuctionsStar Trek
Star Trek Live Auction… Style in the Stars: Redesigning the Starfleet
The Star Trek crew uniform is an iconic piece of the franchise. Since the original series, the primary colored tunic/black pant combination has been one of the most culturally identifiable images, and was translated and updated for the latest films…
10.10.2017  |  Uncategorized
Propstore Live Auction 2017… Final Round-Up
The 2017 Propstore Live Auction is now behind us, and the amazing lots that sold are getting ready to go off to some very lucky winning bidders! With all the interest in this year’s auction, we thought that it would be fitting to end with a round-up of some of this year’s highlights…
15.09.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore Live Auction 2017 Presents… Movie Legends
Welcome to the next instalment of our weekly Preview Blogs for the Propstore 2017 Live Auction. Today’s topic is ‘Movie Legends’, and we will be focusing on five of the biggest movie stars, ranging from the urbane Roger Moore and the masterful Al Pacino, through to some of the top action heroes of all time […]
08.09.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore Live Auction 2017 Presents… Super Heroes and Super Villains
Welcome to the next of our weekly Preview Blogs for the Propstore 2017 Live Auction. Today we will be focusing on ‘Super Heroes and Super Villains’…
25.08.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore Live Auction 2017 Presents… Horror
Get ready to be scared, as this week’s Live Auction Preview Blog looks into some of our most Horror-ful lots coming up for auction…
11.08.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore Live Auction 2017 Presents… Cult Movies
Welcome to the second of our weekly Preview Blogs for the Propstore 2017 Live Auction.  Today’s theme is Cult Movies. In time honoured fashion, the selection of movies is very diverse, so hopefully one of these films or series might appear on your own personal list of favourite films…
04.08.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore Live Auction 2017 Presents… 80s Sci-FI Icons
Welcome to the first of our Preview Blogs for the Propstore 2017 Live Auction. During August and September, we will give you a weekly advance preview of some of the very special items that we have in store for you….
26.05.2017  |  Collections
Propstore Collection Presents… Kane Alien Spacesuit
Get up close and personal with one of our favourite items in the Propstore Collection – the Kane Alien Spacesuit…
19.05.2017  |  Uncategorized
Alien Covenant: Prop & Costume Exhibition
Check out this sneak peek at some of the props and costumes from the upcoming Alien: Covenant…
11.05.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore Presents… Raised By A Robot: Sarah & Pops
When it comes to relationships, many would say that blood is thicker than water. However, for Sarah Connor and her T-800 guardian, affectionately nicknamed “Pops,” a tripled-armored, hyper-alloy, chip controlled combat chassis serves as the foundation for a lasting relationship. With Terminator Genisys, the legacy of the classic science fiction franchise is used to build […]
08.05.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore’s Presents… Fighting For The Future
While much of Terminator Genisys takes place before the rise of Skynet, early sequences of the future war keep the looming threat of Judgement Day alive throughout the film. With heavy fire power on both sides of the fight, the war wages on between man and metal…
05.05.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore’s presents… The Terminator Legacy
As the fifth film in the franchise, Terminator Genisys integrates characters, plot elements, and, most importantly, props from the past to tell a new version of the ever-changing Terminator timeline. Take a look now at some of the items in our Terminator Genisys Auction that relate back to the series’ beginnings…