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FEATURED LOTS | Winter Collectible Posters Live Auction: Los Angeles 2023
Propstore’s poster auctions once again take center stage this December, with its highly anticipated December 7 & 8, 2023 Los Angeles Collectible Posters Live Auction.
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11.05.2015  |  Auctions
Feeling Batty
In our last installment of the Rick Baker: Monster Maker blog series, we looked at one of Baker’s most noted creature calling cards, his apes, monkeys and gorillas. While his career will always be indelibly linked to his primate creations, he has created other notable creatures that were inspired by animals. In this week we […]
07.05.2015  |  Auctions
Lord of the Apes: The Masterful Primate Designs of Rick Baker
We’ve already explored a number of Rick Baker’s incredible creations, but it’s possible that the creatures most synonymous with Baker’s career are the myriad apes and gorillas that he brought to life on screen.
07.05.2015  |  CollectionsUncategorized
Star Wars Special: Original Trilogy Production Material
It’s Star Wars Week here at Propstore! As part of our celebrations we’re sharing some of the iconic Original Trilogy (OT) production material that has been added to the website this week. Whether you’re loyal to the OT, or are counting down the Parsecs until The Force Awakens, we’ve got some incredible relics to tantalise […]
06.05.2015  |  Collections
Propstore Collection Highlights: Masks from the Movies
View and buy some amazing masks from the silver screen in the Propstore memorabilia collection; from The Man in the Iron Mask, to Hell Boy II.
29.04.2015  |  Auctions
Rick Baker: Monster Maker – Edgar
So far in our ten-part Rick Baker: Monster Maker blog series, we have taken close looks at the first Men in Black alien to grace the screen in Mikey as well as some of the incredible animatronic creatures brought to life by Baker. In this installment, we will look at an alien that while not […]
28.04.2015  |  Collections
Propstore at Star Wars Celebration VII, Anaheim California
As the global Star Wars fandom descended on Anaheim, California for Star Wars Celebration VII in anticipation of this year’s release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, we at Propstore did our best to give a showcase of the company’s own dedication to the epic franchise worthy of the weekend. We think we did just […]
27.04.2015  |  AuctionsBehind the Scenes
It’s Alive! Making the Monsters Move
In our last instalment we took a closer look at the artistry that went into achieving an authentic transition between Mogwai puppets and their Gremlin counterparts. Of course, no matter how aesthetically impressive a puppet is, if it can’t move it’s not of much use to the production and last week’s featured lots were no […]
27.04.2015  |  Auctions
From Concept to Creature: The Art Behind Monster Making
In our last post, we took a closer look at Mikey, the first alien to appear on screen in the Men In Black franchise. We found out that he’s kind of a big deal, but he didn’t start out that way. In fact, as you can see below, Mikey started out as a sketch on […]
27.04.2015  |  AuctionsBehind the Scenes
Preserving the Work of a Legend
So far in this blog series, Propstore has given you an exclusive look inside Rick Baker’s Cinovation studios and you’ve gotten a glimpse at the broad collection that was housed there. Given the span of Baker’s illustrious career and the number of his creations that he kept throughout it, it should come as no surprise […]
23.04.2015  |  Collections
Highlights from the Propstore Website: Awesome Swords
Some serious sabres have passed through the Propstore collection over the years. Take a look at heroic weapons from Gladiator, Braveheart and more!
23.04.2015  |  Collections
Propstore’s Marvel Superhero Collection
We take a little trip down memory lane with a look at some original props and costumes from our favourite Marvel superhero films.
23.04.2015  |  Uncategorized
Just Add Water! A Closer Look at Mogwai and Gremlins
In our last instalment in the ten-part Rick Baker blog series, we looked at how some of the most famous Baker creations evolved from concept art and maquettes into the final form we see on screen. We saw Lenny evolve from concept art into a finished puppet, but this week we’re giving an inside look […]
23.04.2015  |  Auctions
Cinovation Studios Originals
In conjunction with the release of the Rick Baker: Monster Maker Auction catalog, Propstore is excited to take a deeper dive into the incredible material that comprises this historic auction in the form of a ten-part blog series.
23.04.2015  |  Auctions
In The Beginning, There Was Mikey
For many of Rick Baker’s fans, he will always be indelibly linked to the many alien creatures he brought to life for the Men In Black franchise. In the second part of Propstore’s ten part blog series on the Rick Baker: Monster Maker Auction, we are going to take a closer look at what is […]
21.04.2015  |  Propstore Staff Picks
Propstore Staff Picks: Cara Kimber’s Favourite Props
Discover the Propstore items our team of cinema buffs want to take home themselves. This week we ask research assistant Cara Kimber to share her picks.
21.04.2015  |  Propstore Staff Picks
Propstore Staff Picks: Paul Wallis’ Favourite Props
Join us as we take a glimpse behind the scenes at Propstore to reveal some of our team’s favourite lots. No one knows our massive collection of original movie props, costumes and memorabilia better than these guys, so this should make for some interesting reading. This week we reveal our UK warehouse manager’s Paul Wallis’s favourite […]