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The Frank Elliott Collection

Prop Store is proud to present the ‘Frank Elliott Collection’, a number of personal memorabilia artefacts from the estate of the renowned camera assistant and focus puller, who sadly passed away in the summer 2011.

Tombstone: The Buntline Special

Fans of George P. Cosmatos’ Tombstone may be interested to learn about the weapons that helped make this movie such a modern-day classic.

Props To Start Your Collection With

If you’re looking to get started collecting, but don’t have lots of money to throw around, Prop Store is here to help. We have all manner of great items, many at affordable prices. So we thought we’d take you through an assortment of amazing budget opportunities.

Prop Store Q + A with Stephen Lane

With the massive success of sci-fi and comic book movies over the last few years, collectors around the world are shopping around for the latest and greatest in movie memorabilia.

Stephen Lane is the owner and founder of Prop Store which has offices in both London and Los Angeles and in this exclusive interview, Stephen gives us an insight into the prop industry and tips for new and old collectors alike.

Film: Where It All Begins – Part 2

Movies do not, as a general rule, spring from nowhere. There are many elements that go into making them, particularly big productions that require a lot of design work and planning to bring to life…

Film: Where It All Begins – Part 1

Movies do not, as a general rule, spring from nowhere. And the first stage of any film is the script…

Prop Store’s Ultimate Halloween Horrors

Halloween is nearly upon us, which means that all manner of creepy creatures will be afoot. If you’re looking for some suitably scary film merchandise, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a selection of some of our favourite terrifying treasures from the depths of the Prop Store’s tombs… Well, archives.

Five Fascinating Bond Items

James Bond is back this month with Spectre, and to celebrate the return of the world’s most famous secret agent, we thought you might like to see some exciting items from the most famous spy franchise of all time!

Heroic Helmets From the Prop Store Archive

From deep space, to ancient battlefields, where would a self-respecting hero be without a helmet? Hold onto your hats, movie fans, as we take a closer look at some of the heroic helmets from cinematic history, fresh from the Prop Store archive. No matter what you’re into, these big screen helmets will definitely turn your head…

You’ll Go Batty for Our Original Batman Props!

You’ll Go Batty for Our Batman Props!

Most bats might be known for their echo location and ability to fill their cave with guano, but this particular bat is a little bit different. Not only does he run his own multinational conglomerate and drive a pretty fierce set of wheels, but he’s also perpetually 34 years old (little known bat-fact for you there).

So, with the difference between Batman and an actual bat cleared up, it’s probably time we got on the show…

Just Days To Go Until Our ‘No Reserve’ Rick Baker Auction

Just Days To Go Until Our ‘No Reserve’ Rick Baker Auction

Star Wars Special: Original Trilogy Production Material

It’s Star Wars Week here at Prop Store! As part of our celebrations we’re sharing some of the iconic Original Trilogy (OT) production material that has been added to the website this week. Whether you’re loyal to the OT, or are counting down the Parsecs until The Force Awakens, we’ve got some incredible relics to tantalise aspiring Jedis. May the Force be with you.

Prop Store Collection Highlights: Masks from the Movies

View and buy some amazing masks from the silver screen in the Prop Store memorabilia collection; from The Man in the Iron Mask, to Hell Boy II.

Prop Store at Star Wars Celebration VII, Anaheim California

As the global Star Wars fandom descended on Anaheim, California for Star Wars Celebration VII in anticipation of this year’s release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, we at Prop Store did our best to give a showcase of the company’s own dedication to the epic franchise worthy of the weekend. We think we did just that!

Highlights from the Prop Store Website: Awesome Swords

Some serious sabres have passed through the Prop Store collection over the years. Take a look at heroic weapons from Gladiator, Braveheart and more!

Prop Store’s Marvel Superhero Collection

We take a little trip down memory lane with a look at some original props and costumes from our favourite Marvel superhero films.

Prop Store’s Stellar Collection of Sci-Fi Space Suits

If there’s one genre of film that inspires a particularly ardent breed of fan, it’s science-fiction. When it’s a little piece of fantastical escapism you’re after, sci-fi is there for you, open armed and without judgement to welcome you into its warm, slightly geeky embrace.

Prop Store’s Puppets: Who’s Pulling the Strings?

CGI and live action in HD with a HFR (High Frame Rate) may be the order of the day in today’s blockbusters, but sometimes incredible effects can be achieved in film by paring back the technology.

Today we’re introducing you to some creatures and creations who don’t rely on clever computer tricks to make a big movie impact. Keep reading to discover seven amazing puppets you’ll recognise from the big screen, now on show at our collections in London and LA…

Introducing Our Terrifying Collection of Horror Film Props!

For all you horror fans out there, here is a quick glimpse at some of our most treasured props and costumes that decorate our galleries in London and Los Angeles. This represents the crème de la crème of film props from some of the most iconic horror films of all time, so let’s see if they’re enough to make your blood run cold

Introducing the Wonderful World of Prop Store

We all have our favourite moments in cinematic history, those scenes you are first introduced to as a child, but still resonate just as strongly when you’re all grown up. At Prop Store, we have an inventory of literally thousands of genuine, original movie props from many of the best-loved films of all time, to help make your childhood dreams come true.

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