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Featured Lots - Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction
With so much quality on display, it’s been harder than ever for us to pick our highlights, but we’ve given it our best shot with these 10 ‘top lots’…
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06.09.2019  |  Auctions
SETTING THE HIGH TABLE: The John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum Auction
John Wick tells the tale of a retired hit man that is forced back into the underground world of assassins when he embarks on a merciless rampage to hunt down his adversaries. With the skill and ruthlessness that made him an underworld legend, John Wick fights to overcome the world’s top hit men and women […]
07.08.2019  |  Auctions
POP ART: The Vox Lux Auction
Vox Lux proved a unique challenge for costume designer Keri Langerman.
01.08.2019  |  Auctions
Marvel Television Live Auction Bidder’s Guide
Is this your first auction? First in a while? You’ve only ever used eBay?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  In addition to our full Buyer’s Guide and Terms & Conditions, here is a handy reference guide to the various ways that you can participate in the Marvel Television Live Auction!
28.06.2019  |  Auctions
The REAL World of Warcraft
By Dan Jolin I spent 10 years in Azeroth. The world of Massively Multiplayer Online role-playing game World of Warcraft was immense, compelling, exciting and a great way to spend a long evening — whether that was hitting dungeons with your friends, exploring its lush jungles or barren wastes, or just hanging out down the […]
21.06.2019  |  Auctions
The Magic Of Mondo
How a Texas-based T-shirt company brought exciting new life to the poster-collecting hobby…
18.06.2019  |  AuctionsMarvel
BLIND JUSTICE – The History of Marvel’s Daredevil
As props and costumes from Marvel’s Daredevil are being offered to fans in Propstore’s upcoming Marvel Television Live Auction, we examine the origins of the gritty, groundbreaking Super Hero.
14.06.2019  |  AuctionsMarvel
PACKING THE PUNCH – The History of Marvel’s Iron Fist
Despite its hero’s supernatural powers and fantastical origin, the props and costumes of Iron Fist reveal how the Marvel-Netflix show stayed gritty and realistic.
04.06.2019  |  AuctionsMarvel
A NEW LUKE – The History of Marvel’s Luke Cage
When Luke Cage first appeared on the pages of Marvel Comics in June 1972, he was heralded as “A strangely unique super-hero.” By modern sensibilities this was a rather clumsy way of highlighting the fact that the brawny, bulletproof, Harlem-based crime fighter was the first African-American hero to ever be given his own title. But […]
15.04.2019  |  Auctions
BEYOND THE BORDER: The Sicario: Day of the Soldado Auction
A movie doesn’t have to be set in the distant past, or envision a fantastical future to hook us with its world-building. Often, it’s just as interesting to see how film-makers and craftspeople represent modern-day reality on our screens, no matter how tough and unpalatable it may be.
10.04.2019  |  Auctions
Guardian Of The Galaxy | Harry Lange
The inspiring story of one of the Star Wars trilogy’s unsung heroes: art director Harry Lange
19.03.2019  |  Auctions
The Hosts Have Arrived: Highlights From the Colony Auction
Life is difficult in Host-occupied Los Angeles. When the mysterious, intergalactic force known as The Hosts arrived on Earth, they quickly sequestered the world’s population in to manageable blocs, complete with gigantic border walls and an oppressive regime of human collaborators. Though many citizens have chosen to live through the occupation as peacefully as possible, […]
13.03.2019  |  Auctions
Faction Before Blood: Highlights from The Divergent Series Live Auction
Ever since Blade Runner, cinematic sci-fi dystopias have always been stylish world-building affairs. Many continue to be heavily influenced by the noir-ish, raincoat-and-neon feel of Ridley Scott’s classic, but some strike out in bold new directions, building their look around their own, unique ideas; movies like The Divergent Series — as Propstore’s next exclusive auction […]
11.03.2019  |  Auctions
Faction Before Blood: Highlights from The Divergent Series Live Auction
In a futuristic, dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions based on human virtues: Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), and Erudite (the intelligent). The Divergent Series is a thrilling action-adventure and global blockbuster franchise from Lionsgate. Propstore is thrilled to offer collectibles from The Divergent Series to […]
26.02.2019  |  Auctions
Toy Story: Propstore Launches Its First Vintage Collectibles Auction…
Propstore’s current Vintage Toys And Collectibles Live Auction represents another ground-breaking first for the company. In bringing together 750 original production toys, international collectibles, posters, cast & crew items into one auction, it is the first time Propstore has moved into the toy collecting space with a carefully curated selection from some of the world’s […]
08.02.2019  |  Auctions
A COLLECTOR’S HEAVEN: Highlights from the 2019 Vintage Toys & Collectibles Live Auction
Each of us falls in love with the playthings we encounter as children, many of them still treasured as we grow up and out of touch with our sense of play. But sometimes we give our toys away, or lose them, or sell them to make space – and immediately after, we regret it. Now, […]
06.02.2019  |  Auctions
Go Go Go Greendale! – Highlights from the Community: Back to School Auction
  By Dean Craig Isadore Pelton Great news! No, not a movie, stop crying. We are doing another auction! Yes, fellow Greendale Human Beings, we are opening the GCC vault once again to bring some timeless, Community College classics back to the auction block. What’s Dean got to do with it? Why, I get to […]