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Jack Nicholson | A Class Act
Many actors fall into typecasts, whilst others try their best to wear many hats when it comes to their roles. But very few actors are capable of the undeniable versatility of Jack Nicholson. Find out more about this amazing actor in our latest blog.
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20.08.2020  |  Auctions
GOING EXTINCT: The Effects of Jurassic Park l Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – Los Angeles 2020
When Phil Tippett first saw the computer-animated T-rex stomping towards him in an Amblin screening room in 1991, he knew he was finished. Conjured on the sly by the team at ILM in their San Rafael facility, the fearsome creature moved with a lifelike smoothness that Tippett could only dream of achieving using the stop-motion […]
14.08.2020  |  Auctions
Fortune & Glory: The Staff of Ra Headpiece l Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – Los Angeles 2020
The headpiece of the Staff of Ra is central to what is, without doubt, one of the most powerful and majestic scenes in modern cinema: the Map Room scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. As John Williams’ magnificent score swells and soars to roof-lifting, operatic heights, a sunbeam catches the headpiece’s central, amber bird’s […]
05.08.2020  |  AuctionsStar Wars
The Vertigo Effect l Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – Los Angeles 2020
This year, in Propstore’s first Los Angeles-based Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction, we have a distinguished piece of movie-making history going up on the auction block, in the form of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vista Vision Motion Picture Camera. This camera, used not only on the production of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, but also by filmmaking legend Cecil B DeMille […]
03.08.2020  |  Uncategorized
Summer of Excitement!
Summer is shaping up to be an exciting one for Propstore customers!  We just completed our Outlander Charity Script auction and Marvel’s “The Defenders” auction… both bringing in great fan engagement and yielding strong hammer prices.  Also, we’re thrilled to have launched our first Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction out of Los Angeles that will be […]
24.07.2020  |  Collections
NOSTROMO: A Legend Born, And Born Again l Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – Los Angeles 2020
The cover piece for our first ever Los Angeles-based Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction is the 11-foot long filming miniature of the Nostromo from Ridley Scott’s horror classic, Alien. This artifact has been a part of Propstore’s company collection for over a decade, but wasn’t always in the camera-ready shape you see it in now. Read […]
20.07.2020  |  AuctionsStar Wars
Evolving the Lightsaber l Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – Los Angeles 2020
It’s hard to think of a movie weapon more iconic or impressive than the lightsaber. With its unearthly glow and that mesmerizing hum, it represented the perfect blend of Star Wars’ romantic fantasy and sci-fi elements: a sword, which could have been a samurai blade or King Arthur’s Excalibur, whose blade glowed and crackled like […]
15.07.2020  |  Auctions
Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction – Los Angeles 2020 l FEATURED LOTS
For our first Los Angeles-based Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction, Propstore is swinging for the fences with 870 film and television treasures set to go under the hammer on August 26th and 27th. As anticipation mounts for the auction catalog (coming July 27th!), we thought we would whet some appetites and highlight five standout pieces from […]
30.06.2020  |  Uncategorized
There’s No Better Time To Collect
We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in our auctions and sales these past several months. In these changing times, we continue to see strong sales across the board and are so grateful to the collectors who return to Propstore again and again for film treasures. We are glad to be able […]
04.06.2020  |  AuctionsMarvel
ON THE STREETS – The History of Marvel’s The Defenders
For their groundbreaking crossover miniseries, Marvel’s The Defenders, the creative team behind Marvel’s street-level heroes pulled together characters, worlds, and story elements from four separate series to craft a team-up event like nothing Marvel Television had ever attempted. But there were many steps behind the scenes, and decades worth of stories in the pages of […]
22.05.2020  |  Auctions
The Force is STRONG with Propstore
Thank you to all those that bid in our auctions and purchased items online over the last few weeks. Despite what is happening in the world around us, the collectibles market is strong, sales are positive, and collectors are incredibly active buying and selling. We’ve seen similar trends during other troubling times and are happy […]
19.05.2020  |  Auctions
A NEW NOTTINGHAM: Designing Robin Hood (2018)
We’ve all heard the tales of a British outlaw who, when faced with an uncaring government, banded together some merry men to steal from the rich and give to the poor. You may have first encountered them in a book, or a film, or even a cartoon. No matter the source, the “Robin Hood” story […]
12.05.2020  |  Uncategorized
An Actor In 5 Props | Tom Hanks
In this blog series, we’re delving a little deeper into what makes some of our favourite movie characters and actors so iconic. From coloured frocks to over-sized props, each month we’ll take a deep dive and look at 5 movie props that made our chosen actors’ careers and character what they are today.
07.05.2020  |  Uncategorized
Star Wars’ Top 10 Characters
To celebrate Star Wars week here at Propstore, we’ve decided to dig down deep and work out who are our top 10 Star Wars characters.
29.04.2020  |  Uncategorized
Wes Anderson’s Top 5 Films
In our latest blog series, we’re taking a look at our chosen top 5 films of some our favourite Directors in the business.
21.04.2020  |  Uncategorized
Crowning Achievement 
Just over 20 years ago, Propstore started out as a one-man band, run by founder Stephen Lane from his home office in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. In 1998, driven by his love of cinema and memorabilia collection, Lane realised there was a huge potential market in movie props: items often seen as waste by film studios, which […]
15.04.2020  |  Uncategorized
15 Films to Get Lost in During the Lockdown
The “Lockdown.” It’s here. It’s weird. It’s unsettling. And, it’s starting to get a wee bit boring now. With so much angst, anxiety, fear and panic in the world, now calls for a time to try and distract ourselves as much as possible. There are home workout options aplenty, if that’s your sort of thing, […]