This week it’s Tim Lawes, our London General Manager, who took some time to compile his ultimate list of must-have Propstore lots. With everything from a lock of hair from everybody’s favourite wookie, Chewbacca to an original puppet of The Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate in the 3D stop-motion animated comedy film, ‘Pirate The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!’

Now, let’s take a look at Lawes’ top picks…

Chewbacca Hair Original Display – Star Wars: A New Hope


Chewie 2

Reminds me of wonderful times in the generous company of Stuart and Kay Freeborn. Amazing, talented folk who are dearly missed.


Prancing Pony Tavern Tankard Display – Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



Buy this, pop down the local, avoid Ringwraiths, settle down with your fellowship and blow the froth off a couple.


David Drayton’s (Thomas Jane) Torn Dark Tower Canvas – The Mist


Mist 2

I love this prop. Who couldn’t appreciate a piece that ties Clint Eastwood, Drew Struzan, Stephen King and Frank Darabont together. I love this picture so much, I have one in my own collection.


“Curvaceous Naked” Original Stop Motion Puppet – 043 – The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!


Curve 2

Just cracks me up. Brilliant.


Medium Springbok Flag – Invictus

Invictus 2



I pick this solely in the interest of self regarding nonsense.  I got to wave an almost identical flag on the set of Mr Eastwood’s film and this makes me feel important.  Feel free to pick one up and be like me.


What did you think of Tim Lawes’ top picks? Let us know in the comments section below or or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.