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Featured Lots - Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction
With so much quality on display, it’s been harder than ever for us to pick our highlights, but we’ve given it our best shot with these 10 ‘top lots’…
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07.04.2020  |  Uncategorized
An Actor in 5 Props | Arnold Schwarzenegger
In our new blog series, we’re delving a little deeper into what makes some of our favourite movie characters and actors so iconic. From coloured frocks to over-sized props, each month we’ll take a deep dive and look at 5 movie props that made our chosen actors’ careers and character what they are today.
19.09.2018  |  Auctions
Top Lots | EMLA 2018 Highlights
We’re coming to the last of our Preview Blogs for the Propstore 2018 Entertainment Live Auction. During August and September, we will give you a weekly advance preview of some of the amazing and iconic lots that we have in store for you in this years auction… this week we’re looking at our top picks from this year’s […]
11.08.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore Live Auction 2017 Presents… Cult Movies
Welcome to the second of our weekly Preview Blogs for the Propstore 2017 Live Auction.  Today’s theme is Cult Movies. In time honoured fashion, the selection of movies is very diverse, so hopefully one of these films or series might appear on your own personal list of favourite films…
11.05.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore Presents… Raised By A Robot: Sarah & Pops
When it comes to relationships, many would say that blood is thicker than water. However, for Sarah Connor and her T-800 guardian, affectionately nicknamed “Pops,” a tripled-armored, hyper-alloy, chip controlled combat chassis serves as the foundation for a lasting relationship. With Terminator Genisys, the legacy of the classic science fiction franchise is used to build […]
08.05.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore’s Presents… Fighting For The Future
While much of Terminator Genisys takes place before the rise of Skynet, early sequences of the future war keep the looming threat of Judgement Day alive throughout the film. With heavy fire power on both sides of the fight, the war wages on between man and metal…
05.05.2017  |  Auctions
Propstore’s presents… The Terminator Legacy
As the fifth film in the franchise, Terminator Genisys integrates characters, plot elements, and, most importantly, props from the past to tell a new version of the ever-changing Terminator timeline. Take a look now at some of the items in our Terminator Genisys Auction that relate back to the series’ beginnings…
30.08.2016  |  Auctions
Propstore Live Auction 2016 Presents… Terminator
Welcome to this week’s preview to our Propstore Live Auction on 27th September 2016 will be focusing on one of the most iconic sci-fi series to ever grace modern cinema screens – Terminator…
15.01.2016  |  Collections
Six Great Props from Fantastic Stop Motion Movies
Computer generated imagery might be the big player in animation these days, with Pixar, DreamWorks, Blue Sky and more putting out more and more films, but there is still something to be said for enchanting movies created by companies such as Aardman (who brought us Wallace & Gromit, Shaun The Sheep, The Curse Of The […]
22.12.2015  |  Propstore Staff Picks
Propstore Staff Picks: Brian Cordoba’s Favourite Props
Our LA Copywriter Brian takes a moment to tell us about his favourite props and costumes from the Propstore website…