As the fifth film in the franchise, Terminator Genisys integrates characters, plot elements, and, most importantly, props from the past to tell a new version of the ever-changing Terminator timeline. Take a look now at some of the items in our Terminator Genisys Auction that relate back to the series’ beginnings…


69780_Kyle Reese's Jai Courtney Aged Sarah Connor Photograph 01_1 (2)69780_Kyle Reese's Jai Courtney Aged Sarah Connor Photograph 01_2


Lot # 1 – Kyle Reese’s Aged Sarah Connor Photograph

Established as far back as Terminator in 1984, Kyle Reese is given a snapshot of John Connor’s legendary mother, Sarah. A version of the photo is introduced in several of the various Terminator timelines, and Terminator Genisys is no different. The photo is printed on acetate paper and has been burned and distressed by production to show wear.


69680_Miles Dysons Courtney B. Vance Cyberdyne ID_1


Lot # 151 – Miles Dyson’s (Courtney B. Vance) Cyberdyne ID

A legendary character in the world of Terminator, Miles Dyson was first introduced in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, where he helped Sarah, John, and the T-800 destroy his research to avoid Skynet’s attack.  In Terminator Genisys, Miles’ son Danny takes over where his father’s uninterrupted work left off as he plans to launch the deadly Genisys program. This badge is Miles Dyson’ Cyberdyne security ID and is adorned with the Cyberdyne logo.


71266_Kyle Reese's 1984  Nike Vandal 02_171266_Kyle Reese's 1984  Nike Vandal 02_4


Lot # 82 – Kyle Reese’s 1984 Sneakers

Time travel is a risky business, especially when you have to be completely naked for it to even work! As in the first film, when Kyle Reese travels back to 1984, he “borrows” a pair of black and white sneakers before heading off to track down the one and only Sarah Connor. The sneakers made for Kyle in Terminator Genisys are reissues from the original manufacturer who put several brand new pairs together specifically for use in this film.


69678_Terminator's Arnold Schwartzenegger Chip_369678_Terminator's Arnold Schwartzenegger Chip_2


Lot # 106 – The T-800’s (Arnold Schwartzenegger) CPU Chip

Throughout the franchise, the T-800’s involvement in the plot revolves entirely around what its programming says. A Terminator’s chip, or Neural Net CPU if you’d like, is the thinking, learning computer inside the Terminator that allows the programmer to decide whether a T-800’s fights with the resistance or with its metal brothers. The CPU chip seen in Terminator Genisys is taken out of a relatively new T-800 model, and therefore is practically “off the line,” and shows none of the scarring or wear seen on chips in the past films. The plyers used to remove the chip are also included with this lot.


These lots and many more are currently open for bidding in Propstore’s Terminator Genisys Auction, which ends on Friday, May 12th. Thank you for joining us for our Terminator Genisys blog coverage and be sure to check out our other articles in this auction series soon!


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