When it comes to relationships, many would say that blood is thicker than water. However, for Sarah Connor and her T-800 guardian, affectionately nicknamed “Pops,” a tripled-armored, hyper-alloy, chip controlled combat chassis serves as the foundation for a lasting relationship. With Terminator Genisys, the legacy of the classic science fiction franchise is used to build an alternate timeline that finds Sarah Connor being prepared and protected by her very own T-800…




Lot # 3 – Sarah Connor’s (Emilia Clarke) Acid Burned Costume

Early in the film, Sarah’s strong bond with the T-800 is shown as they work together to destroy enemy Terminators by luring the machines into an acid laden-trap. Sarah destroys the hostile machines while wearing a stylish leather jacket that shows she was definitely raised under the influence of a T-800. The jacket is paired with tactical pants in keeping with the military aesthetic shown by Sarah Connor throughout the Terminator series. The sleeve of the jacket is distressed with a hole representing the spot where acid dripped from the ceiling onto Sarah’s arm.




Lot # 95 – The T-800’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Armored Car Shirt and Jacket

“Pops” may be built to kill, but he is also capable of carrying out his programming while remaining in fashion. When rescuing Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) via armored car, for instance, Pops wears leather jacket reminiscent of the style choice made by the T-800 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. However, with the influence of Sarah, it is safe to assume that this jacket was obtained without the occurrence of a bar fight. This leather jacket is marked with ‘Guardian’ on its tag and is paired with a t-shirt.



Lot # 141 – The T-800’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Weapon Concealing Teddy Bear

Having a normal relationship is hard when you have been raised by a robot from the future in order to survive the eventual demise of human civilization. This is made evident when Pops visits Sarah Connor at the hospital with a teddy bear. Of course, this teddy bear has been modified to be more suited as a gift from a T-800. Just as the Connors have a family reunion, Pops emerges to shoot John Connor using a shotgun concealed within the teddy bear, revealing John to be an advanced T-3000. This teddy bear is distressed to appear as though buckshot riddled and serves as an endearing symbol of the relationship between girl and machine.




Lot # 148 – The T-800’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Alternate Young Sarah Drawing

Though the T-800 is not completely unfamiliar with the occasional social cue or comedic catchphrase, a deep level of emotional bonding is hinted at between Pops and Sarah Connor. While visiting Pop’s bunker, Sarah notices a drawing hanging on the wall that she made for her guardian as a child. This printed drawing shows a young Sarah and an armed T-800 holding. Importantly, this drawing hints that the T-800 has formed some type of sentimentality during his time with Sarah. These copies served as alternates to the one that appears in the film. One drawing closely resembles the version used on screen but has each character labeled while the other shows Sarah and the T-800 near a lake dock.


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