While much of Terminator Genisys takes place before the rise of Skynet, early sequences of the future war keep the looming threat of Judgement Day alive throughout the film. With heavy fire power on both sides of the fight, the war wages on between man and metal…


71224_Metal Terminator Plasma Minigun 01_271224_Metal Terminator Plasma Minigun 01_3


Lot # 37 – Metal Terminator Plasma Minigun

Eliminating all of mankind is a nonstop job for the Terminator army, so weapons like this come in handy. Plasma miniguns are used by the Terminator forces to attack the human resistance and protect their Skynet weapons facilities. An intricately constructed piece, this custom made minigun is made from a combination of metal and resin parts and lights up when turned on. Pulling the trigger when the lights are on also activates a flashing effect to simulate plasma bolts firing.


68963_Future Guerrilla Plasma Gun 01_268963_Future Guerrilla Plasma Gun 01_3


Lot # 41 – Future Guerilla Plasma Gun

While the human resistance has fought off the Terminators for many movies before, they get a helpful upgrade in Terminator Genisys thanks to their stock of plasma guns. The stunt plasma guns in the auction have been modified by production to look like improvised plasma guns, complete with gas canister and scifi muzzle attachment. The guns are made entirely of resin and are finished by production to appear battle-tested.




Lot # 42 – John Connor’s Stunt Battle Costume

A single soldier is no match for a Terminator, but at least this future guerilla armor can give John Connor a fighting chance. The fatigues used by the human resistance borrow greatly from real-world examples, with the addition of the futuristic armor. Made from rubber and resin, John’s armor was designed to look as though it could protect against at least one or two plasma blasts.


69669_Three Liquid Magnet Shotgun Rounds 02_169669_Three Liquid Magnet Shotgun Rounds 02_2


Lot # 179 – Three Liquid Magnet Shotgun Rounds

Of course, not all the fighting in the Terminator Genisys takes place in the future. When Sarah and Kyle are attacked at the police station, liquid magnet shotgun rounds come in handy when fighting off the deadly T-3000. The three rounds in this lot are made of plastic tubing with a metal bases. They are filled with metallic particulate and are marked on the side as “magnetic.”


These lots and many more are currently open for bidding in Propstore’s Terminator Genisys Auction, which ends on Friday, May 12th. Thank you for joining us for our Terminator Genisys blog coverage and be sure to check out our other articles in this auction series soon!


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