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Star Wars: The Original Trilogy – On Location in Tunisia

In the summer of 2001 Prop Store team member Brandon Alinger traveled to Tunisia in search of the original filming locations for Star Wars: ANH, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Star Wars prequels. Seventeen-year-old Brandon managed to convince his parents the trip would make an ideal family vacation, and spent a week traveling the country and seeing the Star Wars sites. While many fans have visited the Tunisian locations over the years, at that point there had only been a handful of visitors and information was scarce. Gus Lopez had a website dedicated to Star Wars locations, and Jeremy Beckett had produced a guidebook which covered many of the sites.

Tunisia Trip

Prop Store team member Brandon Alinger made two trips to Tunisia in search of filming locations from the Star Wars films and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Brandon had become interested in the locations after reading several articles written by other fans who had made the trek to North Africa. He was able to get travel tips and directions from those who had been before, and first headed to the desert in May 2001. Over seven days Brandon located the majority of A New Hope, Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Raiders locations in the country.

Beasts of Burden: The Last Original Dewback

When George Lucas began working on ideas for Star Wars in the early 1970s, he envisioned making his first “real movie”—a movie with art directors and sets, rather than the more real-world films he had created in the past. Star Wars fans know that Lucas made the films in the U.K., for cost purposes, and that much of the look of the world was initially established by concept artists who worked hand in hand with Lucas–Ralph McQuarrie, Colin Cantwell, and Joe Johnston. When production set up at Elstree Studios outside London, a team of art directors and craftsmen led by production designer John Barry set about expanding the world from existing concept artwork…


Take a journey with us thirty years into the past. Before the world wide web, before internet forums and blogs. Hell, before Usenet groups and Compuserve. This was when movie spies were more like real spies. Belly-crawling with real cameras loaded with real film. Sharing physical assets. Speaking on the phone. Making meet ups face-to-face.

Stuart Freeborn

“Stuart…..FIX IT !” – the oft-heard cry echoing down the studio corridors usually preceded another pioneering invention from one of the most talented make-up & effects men in the industry – Stuart Freeborn.

Movie Memorabilia For Your Christmas Wish List

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and naturally our thoughts turn to gifts. If you’re the type who loves movie items and are looking for some cool movie items to give as gifts, or even suggest a few that Santa (or a kind friend) could bring for you this festive season, we have a few suggestions from the Prop Store’s collection.

5 Star Wars Artefacts in Prop Store CEO Stephen’s Personal Collection

I started Prop Store back in 1998, a hobby that quickly got out of control, but my passion for collecting props and costumes started some time before that. I’ve been travelling the world tracking down Star Wars props and costumes for close to 25 years. From Elstree to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Finse in Norway, I’ve racked up countless air miles, met some fascinating people and had some incredible adventures.

The Frank Elliott Collection

Prop Store is proud to present the ‘Frank Elliott Collection’, a number of personal memorabilia artefacts from the estate of the renowned camera assistant and focus puller, who sadly passed away in the summer 2011.

Tombstone: The Buntline Special

Fans of George P. Cosmatos’ Tombstone may be interested to learn about the weapons that helped make this movie such a modern-day classic.

Maria Doyle Kennedy Auction

Prop Store is proud to be joining forces with actress Maria Doyle Kennedy for a new no reserve charity auction benefiting two great causes.

Props To Start Your Collection With

If you’re looking to get started collecting, but don’t have lots of money to throw around, Prop Store is here to help. We have all manner of great items, many at affordable prices. So we thought we’d take you through an assortment of amazing budget opportunities.

Prop Store Q + A with Stephen Lane

With the massive success of sci-fi and comic book movies over the last few years, collectors around the world are shopping around for the latest and greatest in movie memorabilia.

Stephen Lane is the owner and founder of Prop Store which has offices in both London and Los Angeles and in this exclusive interview, Stephen gives us an insight into the prop industry and tips for new and old collectors alike.

How to protect your props from loss, damage and theft

If you have saved and saved to get your hands on that one-of-a-kind Clash of the Titans Argos Helmet or Alien warrior head, then the last thing on your mind might be protecting it from theft or damage.

Film: Where It All Begins – Part 2

Movies do not, as a general rule, spring from nowhere. There are many elements that go into making them, particularly big productions that require a lot of design work and planning to bring to life…

Film: Where It All Begins – Part 1

Movies do not, as a general rule, spring from nowhere. And the first stage of any film is the script…

Prop Store’s Ultimate Halloween Horrors

Halloween is nearly upon us, which means that all manner of creepy creatures will be afoot. If you’re looking for some suitably scary film merchandise, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a selection of some of our favourite terrifying treasures from the depths of the Prop Store’s tombs… Well, archives.

Baker’s Animal Creations

In our last blog, we looked at some of the classic Halloween monsters that the Monster Maker is famous for, but this week our focus turns to some of the more natural creations from Baker’s career.  Without question, bringing living animals to life with actors, puppets, masks and make-up is an incredible challenge, and Baker’s award winning ability to do so has defined his career.  Take a look at some of the natural creatures that Baker has brought to life over the years.

Five Fascinating Bond Items

James Bond is back this month with Spectre, and to celebrate the return of the world’s most famous secret agent, we thought you might like to see some exciting items from the most famous spy franchise of all time!

Gruesome Dracula Props Just In Time For Halloween

Halloween is creeping ever closer and we know that tends to throw the mind towards spooks, ghouls and other creepy weirdness. So how about some extra items from the Dracula auction that Prop Store is running right now?

Baker’s Halloween Specials

You wouldn’t be much of a monster maker if your portfolio didn’t include some classic creatures that we associated with Halloween. From zombies to werewolves to Frankenstein, the classic monster designs from Rick Baker demonstrate why he is unequivocally THE Monster Maker. Just in time for Halloween, we take a deeper dive into some of the classic monster designs included in the Rick Baker Monster Maker online auction.

Ways To Kill A Vampire

If you’re looking to become an amateur Van Helsing (was he actually a professional? The jury’s out), you need the right kit. Fortunately, we can help – well, we can offer you some exciting props, at least.

Explore The Origins Of Dracula With These Great Lots!

Through his many incarnations, Dracula has lived very different lives. But his origin story usually remains consistent – as a man who had his monstrous nature thrust upon him. In the 2013 television version of the horror tale we get a glimpse of his previous life as Vlad Tepes and see the tragic events that led him to become a vengeful vampire.

5 Of Our Favourite Costumes From The Dracula Auction

In partnership with Carnival and NBCUniversal, we’re excited to present more than 450 items from the 2013 television incarnation of Dracula – played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers – ready for auction. Head to our website (propstore.com) and register at propstore.com/auction to be ready for the online event, which runs between October 12 and October 30.

“SCREEN-MATCHED” For Authenticity, There is No Surrogate.

In the world of original movie memorabilia collecting, being able to “screen-match” a particular piece would be akin to having a photo of Monet painting his “Water Lilies.” It’s airtight, indisputable proof of authenticity.