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Dressing Spider-Man – An Interview with Jim Acheson

It’s surprising to hear someone with three Oscars and a hugely successful superhero series under their belt describe themselves as “a charlatan”. But that’s the word James Acheson uses when we meet over Zoom early one October morning – evening for him, as the Leicester-born costume designer lives in New Zealand these days.

COSTUMES | Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction 2021 – London

The way a character is dressed is one of the defining elements in filmmaking that give you, the audience, an insight into just who they are. Whether it’s an elaborate ballgown, well-tailored suit, or a wacky ensemble, an actor’s costume can provide critical moments within a film, portray a specific time period and bring a character to life.

FEATURED LOTS | Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction 2021 – London

This November, Prop Store is once more opening a vast cinematic treasure trove, with more than 1,000 pieces of memorabilia going under the hammer for an estimated total value of $7.6 million.

Action! Five Great Clapperboards

Clapperboards, for anyone who doesn’t know, are used on film sets to assist in the synchronization of the picture and sound, and to designate and mark particular scenes and takes for use in editing the film later. They’re very collectible, especially if they’ve been used in big productions, so here is a selection of our favourites.

Movie Memorabilia For Your Christmas Wish List

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and naturally our thoughts turn to gifts. If you’re the type who loves movie items and are looking for some cool movie items to give as gifts, or even suggest a few that Santa (or a kind friend) could bring for you this festive season, we have a few suggestions from the Prop Store’s collection.