It’s hard not to admire the hero of a good story, especially when your hero is Raylan Givens. For six seasons of Justified, Raylan settled everything in the town of Harlan from familial disputes to kidnappings, organized crime, and more than his fair share of murders. Take a look now at some of the marshal’s best looks from the Justified Auction…



Lot 2 – Raylan Givens’ (as portrayed by Timothy Olyphant) Chief Department Shirt

While the second season finale “Bloody Harlan” is a game changer in many ways, it begins with a simple scene between Raylan and Art Mullen, where Raylan, wearing his dark button-down shirt, asks for a transfer out of the field to a training center. Of course, the transfer never materializes for Raylan, and he is stuck enforcing the peace in Harlan for years to come. Raylan’s button-down shirt has a tight checkered pattern in muted green and grey tones. The shirt is accompanied by an original wardrobe tag from production.


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Lot 11 – Raylan Givens’ (as portrayed by Timothy Olyphant) Bar Jacket and Shirt

Throughout the seasons, visitors to Audrey’s bar are not always a smartly dressed bunch. But in episode 504 “Over the Mountain,” Raylan went against type and picked a smart grey blazer and blue, patterned button-up shirt to wear when he and Tim Gutterson paid the bar a visit while looking for Wade Messer. This lot also includes an original production wardrobe tag.




Lot 74 – Raylan Givens’ (as portrayed by Timothy Olyphant) Search Costume

Raylan Givens is nothing if not practical, so when he and Wendy Crowe go searching for her missing son in episode 508 “Whistle Past the Graveyard,” Raylan wears a comfortable grey flannel and a pair of jeans to get the job done. The soft cotton flannel shirt is labeled on the inside collar for “Raylan” and includes an original production wardrobe tag.




Lot 75 – Raylan Givens’ (as portrayed by Timothy Olyphant) Navy Shirt and Tie

For the Justified series finale, Raylan spends the first part of the episode finishing up his work in Harlan and meets with Art in the Marshal Headquarters for one more round and a goodbye to the offices. Dressed for the occasion, a recently injured Raylan sports his blue checked button-down shirt and patterned blue tie. The lot includes two original wardrobe tags from the show’s historic final episode.



Lot 3 – Raylan Givens’ (as portrayed by Timothy Olyphant) Horseshoe Ring

While circumstances change constantly in Harlan, one thing that can be counted on is the ring on Raylan Givens’ finger. The marshal wore his trusty ring throughout his years in Harlan and was rarely seen without. The silver-toned signet ring bares a face in the shape of a simple horseshoe with decorative braiding patterns along the side.


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