A classic tale of family bonding, drug-use, womanizing, and arrest records, Dirty Grandpa holds nothing back for a laugh, props and costumes included! Here is a quick peak at some of the key lots in our Dirty Grandpa Auction…

Lot 1: Jason Kelly’s (Zac Efron) Golf Outfit

dg yellow 2dg yellow 1

A calm day of golf is all Jason had in mind before Dick started chasing every skirt that walked by. In keeping with the character’s corporate background, the first lot of our auction includes a Brooks Brothers polo shirt, Club Room brand argyle sweater, Nike performance slacks, Adidas golf shoes, and white glove. The glove features a logo for the Druid Hills Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia, where the scene was filmed.


Lot 2: Dick Kelly’s (Robert De Niro) Double Golf Outfit

dg burgundy 2dg burgundy 1

Ready to score, on the green and off, Dick’s golf outfit takes the comfort over style approach for his day out with his grandson. The Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt, light blue Brooks Brothers pants, and Brooks Brothers golf shoes let Dick look the part on the golf course even when his mind, and hands, start to wonder. The lot includes an original wardrobe tag from production labelling the costume as “Dick Dbl.”


Lot 4: Lenore’s (Aubrey Plaza) Overalls and Bathing Suit

dg blue 1dg blue 2dg blue 3

Dressed to drink, party, and bag a professor, Lenore’s outfits are nothing if not practical. Overalls, a bikini, a fanny pack, Florida Tigers hat, and sandals are all she needs to have a great Spring Break night. The fanny pack in this lot comes complete with a bottle of breath freshener, lip balm, matches, and other reinforcements.  An original wardrobe tag from production completes the lot.


Lot 98: Jason Kelly’s (Zac Efron) Beige Plaid Suit

dg brown 1dg brown 2dg brown 3

Even after a few long nights of drinking, drugs, and public nudity, Jason and Dick are still able to pull together matching outfits for a night out at a karaoke bar. Aside from the costume’s Armani button-down shirt, blazer, blue slacks, and black dress shoes, the lot also includes matching plaid slacks and an extra button-down shirt, along with the costume’s original production tag.


Lot 99: Jason Kelly’s Stunt Stuffed Hornet Jock Strap

dg bee 2dg bee 1

You can’t really judge Jason for being accidentally drugged by his grandfather, befriending a drug dealer, and winding up naked on the beach wearing a stuffed animal over your crotch. We’ve all been there! This stuffed cartoon hornet comes attached to a nude-colored jock strap and is labeled as “Stunt Jason w/ Hornet.”


All lots in our Dirty Grandpa Auction go live May 30th and close Friday, June 10th, so be sure to register for the auction now! Thanks for checking out our auction preview and be sure to check back soon for our next Propstore blog post.

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