There’s only a few days left to go in the G.I. Joe Auction, so before you get your bids in, take a look at some of our favourite costumes used in the production of the action adventure G.I. Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra…

G.I. Joe is a historic title that resonates across generations, and the Propstore G.I. Joe Auction is an amazing opportunity for fans to relive their childhood and also get their very own piece of movie history! The auction is an exclusive collection of over 270 key costumes and props used in the production of the military action hit film G.I. Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra – including pieces from fan favourites Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and many more!

There’s not long left in the auction, so take a look at some of our favourite costume lots that are currently up for auction, below…

  66626_Snake Eyes Costume & Mask #1_366626_Snake Eyes Costume & Mask #1_1  66626_Snake Eyes Costume & Mask #1_6

66626_Snake Eyes Costume & Mask #1_7

Snake Eyes Costume & Mask

Without a doubt, Snake Eyes is our favourite G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra character – which makes his signature costume one of our top highlights of the G.I. Joe Auction. The costume comes with his iconic detachable visor, a black foam muscular body armour and his stunt wooden katana. If you love G.I. Joe, or you just want a really badass costume to add to your collection, the look now further!


66605_Scarlett 'Ambush' Liquid Armour Costume_366605_Scarlett 'Ambush' Liquid Armour Costume_166605_Scarlett 'Ambush' Liquid Armour Costume_7


Scarlett ‘Ambush’ Liquid Armour Costume

Next up in our G.I. Joe Auction Costume feature is Scarlett’s Ambush Liquid Armour. This beautifully designed costume is seen on Scarlett during the ambush on the convoy team. This lot consists of a Liquid Armour bodysuit and chest plate, a black thigh holster with a spare gun holster, a black Under Armour shirt, two pairs of black gloves and black thigh high boots. This fabulous costume has a number of “Hero” labelled pieces, making it a real find for any fans of the movie. Scarlett’s Liquid Armour is definitely a must-have piece for any film military costume collector!


66548_Heavy Duty 'Pit' Costume_466548_Heavy Duty 'Pit' Costume_166548_Heavy Duty 'Pit' Costume_766548_Heavy Duty 'Pit' Costume_2


Heavy Duty ‘Pit’ Costume

Another iconic costume from G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra is Heavy Duty’s camo costume from scenes in the GI Joe top secret base, dubbed “The Pit”. The lot is comes with Heavy Duty’s GI Joe Woodland Camouflage jacket and trousers  set with the unique “G.I. Joe” print, a black tank top, a green t-shirt and a black nylon utility belt with “HD” buckle. This lot is one for the Heavy Duty fans out there!


66644_Storm Shadow 'Scarab' Suit_566644_Storm Shadow 'Scarab' Suit_466644_Storm Shadow 'Scarab' Suit_2img06


Storm Shadow ‘Scarab’ Suit and Swords

Storm Shadow’s ‘Scarab’ costume and swords are another of the amazing iconic lots in the  is still an amazing part of the G.I. Joe Collection. Included in the lot is a cream three-piece suit, a white dress shirt, cream leather Oxford shoes and two awesome lightweight Samurai swords constructed from balsa wood. If you’re looking for a lot with a little extra ‘suave’ appeal than the typical G.I. Joe camo, then Storm Shadow’s ‘Scarab’ Suit and Swords will be right up your street!


 66463_Baroness 'Paris Chase' Costume #1_366463_Baroness 'Paris Chase' Costume #1_166463_Baroness 'Paris Chase' Costume #1_4


Baroness ‘Paris Chase’ Costume

Another one of our favourite female costumes up from grabs in the G.I. Joe Auction, is the Baroness’ ‘Paris Chase’ Costume. The lot contains a beautiful custom-made black faux snakeskin and faux leather jacket with a black studded belt and two black thermal tops.  Like many of the Baroness’ costumes in the auction, this lot oozes her trademark dangerous style and would make for a perfect display piece in any collection.


 66486_Convoy Viper Complete Costume #2_366486_Convoy Viper Complete Costume #2_166486_Convoy Viper Complete Costume #2_5


Convoy Viper Complete Costume

And last, but not least, the Convoy Viper Costume completes our list for our favourite costume lots in the G.I. Joe Auction. The Vipers may be evil henchmen, but they sure know how to dress to impress! This lot includes the incredible textured scale-effect body armour that makes up this iconic look, and includes the snake-like Viper helmet, cast with robotic detailing. If you are not a G.I. Joe fan, but looking for a real stand out piece, then this costume lot is definitely the one for you.


There’s only 3 days left to bid on these great G.I. Joe costumes in the Propstore G.I. Joe Auction, so make sure you check out the full catalogue of over 270 items now and make sure you get your bids in now on all your favourite items! Put on your war-paint and relive your action hero childhood with this iconic franchise by bidding your very own piece of movie history! And don’t forget to check back at the Propstore Blog next week to get more in-depth sneak peeks of our favourite lots in the G.I. Joe Auction!


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