Child Hunter's (Asia Luna Mohmand) Costume

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A Child Hunter's (Asia Luna Mohmand) Costume worn in Christian Alvart's 2009 sci-fi thriller, Pandorum. In the film, two crew members awaken from hyper-sleep with no memory of who they are. When they begin to search the seemingly abandoned ship, they uncover a startling truth and must fend for their very lives. This costume can be seen worn by the vicious child hunter towards the end of the film when she attacks Manh (Cung Le).

The Child Hunter wears clothing that has been crafted to appear as though made from found objects and scraps. Included in her costume is a make-shift top, underwear, wrist wraps, and foot wraps. The top is made from rubber with a padded spandex interior lining, with the rubber painted to resemble a leathery skin color. Attached to the right shoulder is a grey colored bone that has been fastened with a nylon cord that has been painted black with the frayed end gold in color, making it look like computer wires. This top fastens with numerous hook and bar closures, along with a nylon belt with Velcro.

Fashioned in a similar style is the Child Hunter's underwear, which has been decorated with rubber cords and wires, and threaded together with large primitive elastic stitching. This piece is also padded, and includes numerous inscriptions written on the spandex lining.

The Child Hunter includes numerous accessories, including foot wraps which are made from the same stretchy rubber material. The foot wraps include illustrations on the inside noting where the actress' foot should be placed for the proper wrapping effect, and rests in place with Velcro. This character also wears wraps around the wrists, however one of the wrist wraps is actually a foot wrap and includes the illustrated foot markings.

Paired with this costume is the Child Hunter's scythe weapon, which is made with a plastic blade attached to a wooden handle. This weapon has been wrapped in chords, continuing to push the design element of found objects, and has been distressed by production to appear aged.

This costume features some wear due to production use and storage, including missing patches of Velcro to hold some of the wraps securely, however it remains in overall good worn condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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