In a realm plagued by supernatural monsters, mankind must rely on the availability of wandering Spooks, or witch hunters to protect themselves; however when a Spook is not readily available, it falls on the people of the kingdom to stand and keep their homeland safe. One of the most pivotal elements these oath takers rely on is a well-crafted set of armor.

(58805) Walled City Soldier Armor Set


The first line of defense for the Walled City is the Walled City Soldier. These troops see to the ramparts as Mother Malkin’s (Julianne Moore) band of magic-wielding lieutenants lay siege to the city, relying only on their skills with a blade, and the smith’s skill with his hammer. This set showcases that skill with layers of leather and hide armor complimented with a series of metal studs. A helmet and metal chain coif protect the head along with metal shin guards for the legs. The soldier also keeps his trusty weapons sheathed upon his belt, ready for any engagement that might ensue.


(58042) Mounted Knight Armor Set


Foot soldiers may be the backbone of any force but without the concussive support of cavalry they would be only as fast as their feet could carry. The Mounted Knights are the premiere fighting force of the Walled City, protecting its people and carrying out the orders of the city’s Inquisitor. This knight is clad in a series of aluminum armored plates, a mail tunic and cape, and wields a sword and shield.


(57948) Royal Guard Armor Set


The Inquisitors are the figureheads of faith in the Walled City and it is for them and those in the upper echelons that the Royal Guard offer their services as bodyguards. These elite soldiers can be found holding post in temple chambers and are never far from the side of the city’s authority on all things pious. This set exhibits the durable armoring consistent with a defender of the Walled City but with a regal touch. A maroon and gold color scheme in a pattern of leaves and filigree offer an esteemed presence with accents of leather and chain mail armor. The large angular shield reminds any would-be threat that these decorative units are not to be tested.


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