With the dawning of the Blood Moon, the witch queen Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore) escapes the prison in which she’s remained for forty years. Malkin calls on her lieutenants to aid her as she awaits for the Blood Moon to become full, making her power unstoppable. Each of these aids joins her from around the world and wield supernatural abilities derived from a variety of mythoi…


(57796) Mother Malkin’s (Julianne Moore) Armored Dress

257796 Mother_Malkins_Change_1_Costume_43

The queen of darkness first reappears before Gregory (Jeff Bridges) after he exorcizes her from th body of a young girl. The sorceress toys with the Spook tempting his apprentice Mr. Bradly (Kit Harrington with her nether worldly powers. As the most powerful denizen of the dark, Malkin is appropriately draped in garments of imploring a presence that is both sultry and insidious. The drapery is accented with dyed plumage, scale and spine ornamented armor, and a series of long, menacing talons at the fingertips.


(57918) Radu’s (Djimon Hounsou) Stunt Outfit


One of the foremost members of Malkin’s elite troop is the assassin army leader, Radu (Djimon Hounsou). When the fearsome master of death is not in his gargantuan dragon form he keeps himself cloaked in garments of velour and leather with a Transylvanian motif. The collar and sleeves are pointed with a dark, gothic touch giving this shape-shifting warrior an elegant, yet deadly atmosphere.


(57892) Strix Warlock Armor and Staff


Unleashed from his Amazonian home ground, Malkin’s warlock compatriot Strix comes to her aid on Pendel Mountain. This deadly witch doctor wreaks havoc on the people of the Walled City with dark magic and fierce tenacity behind the edged weapon. His favorite of these, the horned staff. Tribal elements compose the agile warlock’s attire with a caiman style loincloth and assorted pieces of bone armor.


(57893) Virahadra’s Armored Outfit


The four-armed terror known as Virahadra is the king of swords and the manifestation of a warrior god. The blade master joins Malkin, wielding four sabres as he slashes and stabs his way through the Walled City. His light garb and detailed armored bands reflect the ornate style of Hindu and eastern deities.



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