Taking place in a turn-of-the-century London, filled with some of literature’s most iconic monsters, demons, and mad men, Penny Dreadful was uniquely positioned as a period show with a heavy dose of fantasy and magic thrown in for good measure. This combination of supernatural forces in an historical context can be felt in every aspect of the show, including the characters’ wardrobe…


72652_Ethan Chandler's Costume_172652_Ethan-Chandler's-Costume_2


Lot 73 – Ethan Chandler’s Costume

As an American sharpshooter abroad, Ethan Chandler regularly dons his long overcoat over a vest and finishes off the look with a patterned ascot. These costume components are seen in various episodes during the show’s second season. A staple look for the character, this lot is completed with a label on the pants for “Ethan.”


72651_Vanessa Ives' Evening Gown_172651_Vanessa Ives' Evening Gown_2


Lot 82 – Vanessa Ives’ Evening Gown

When ageless bonvivant Dorian Gray throws a ball, the series’ costumers took the opportunity to dress their leading lady in style. Vanessa attends Dorian’s soiree dressed in this three-piece down made of deep, burgundy satin and black lace. The three-piece gown consists of a bodice, skirt and underskirt, with the components labeled for “Vanessa.”


72650_Lily Frankenstein's Ball Gown_172650_Lily Frankenstein's Ball Gown_2


Lot 67 – Lily Frankenstein’s Ball Gown

While not all of Victor Frankenstien’s creations would easily blend in at a gala, Lily Frankenstien is the obvious exception. Dressed in pink, gold, and lace flowers, Lily’s gown is the antithesis of Vanessa’s dark, seductive number. But, like Vanessa’s, Lily’s three-piece dress is made up of a bodice, skirt, and underskirt to complete the look.


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