This week on the Propstore blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the iconic G.I. Joe Auction props used in the production of G.I. Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra – including an Activated Nanomite Bomb, IDs and much more…

G.I. Joe is a historic title that resonates across generations, and the Propstore G.I. Joe Auction is an amazing opportunity for fans to relive their childhood and also get their very own piece of movie history! The auction is an exclusive collection of over 270 key costumes and props used in the production of the military action hit film G.I. Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra – including pieces from fan favourites Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and many more!

Take a look at some of our favourite prop lots that are currently up for auction, below…



MARS Nano-mite Bomb Case

First up in our look at our favourite G.I. Joe props is the MARS Nano-mite bomb case. An instantly recognisable prop from the film, the cases are seen throughout the film and were used to transport the Nano-mite bombs around. The lot consists of a black plastic case with metal trim and locks, with a metal plaque featuring the MARS logo is adhered on the front and two circular trackers are located on each side. A great item for any fan to show off their love of G.I. Joe!




Activated Nano-mite Bomb

Up next, is the activated Nano-mite Bomb. These prop bombs were MARS Industries’ main weapon throughout the film, using nanomite technology to dissolve everything in it’s path. This beautiful prop is a must-have for any fans of the film, and would easily make an amazing display for any aspiring or avid prop collector.




Main Character ID Set

Another great prop in the G.I. Joe Auction is the collection of ID cards. This great set includes main character cards including Duke, Breaker and Ripcord and fan-favourite Snake-Eyes. The ID cards can be seen throughout the movie as NATO visitors use them to identify themselves and gain to access to restricted areas around the base. This lot is great for any collector looking for a small, but easily recognisable prop from G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra.


66715_Breaker's Head Set_166715_Breaker's Head Set_2


Breaker’s Head Set

Another really interesting prop from the Propstore G.I. Joe Auction is Breaker’s Head Set. Breaker most noticeably wears his Head Set with his liquid armour suit. If you’re looking for something completely different for your collection than this distinctive head piece from G.I. Joe’s smartest character.


66723_Duke Dog Tags #1_2


Duke Dog Tags

And last but not least, our favourite prop up for grabs in the G.I. Joe Auction is Duke’s Dog Tags! The set of Dog Tags are engraved with the main characters Dukes details, and are an excellent piece of G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra memorabilia for any fan.


All of these great G.I. Joe props are up for auction right now in the Propstore G.I. Joe Auction, so make sure you check out the full catalogue of over 270 items now and make sure you get your bids in now on all your favourite items! Put on your war-paint and relive your action hero childhood with this iconic franchise by bidding your very own piece of movie history! And don’t forget to check back at the Propstore Blog next week to get more in-depth sneak peeks of our favourite lots in the G.I. Joe Auction!


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