Every small town is known for something, but you probably didn’t grow up in a town with vampires, zombies, werewolves, and the occasional alien invader. The good people of Dillford, living and otherwise, know the daily concerns of living with the supernatural all too well, and have adapted to their unusual neighbors. Take a look now at some of the more practical fantasy props from the Freaks of Nature Auction…



Lot 1, 16, 26, 43, 66, 83 – Blood Bath Energy Drink Cans

Though their habits are unusual, it doesn’t take much to keep a vampire alive forever. All you need is a garlic-free diet, ample window dressings, and some good, clean blood. But rather than keeping with traditional and sticking to a “free range” diet, the vampires of Dillford get their blood pre-packaged, carbonated, and heavily caffeinated. The Blood Bath Energy Drink lots in this auction are opened aluminum cans with the Blood Bath product wrapping adhered to the outside.




Lot 21, 36, 46, 55, 75 – V-Block Sunscreen Tubes

While direct UV rays are deadly to vampires, cutting out daylight hours is no way to lead a productive, undead life. For this, the eternal citizens of Dillford use V-Block sunscreen in order to survive and thrive. The V-Block tubes in the Freaks of Nature Auction are plastic tubes with custom labeling made by production, complete with a statement noting the lotion as having an SPF of 274!




Lot 67 – Light-Up Zombie Shock Collars

Of course, the blood suckers aren’t the only things that go bump in the afternoon in Dillford. To keep the town’s zombie population active but their appetites restrained, zombies are made to wear shock collars, just in case they decide to get peckish in Algebra II. Many of the collars for sale in the auction have a small green indicator light, operated by a hidden switch on the back of the shock pack.




Lot 3, 30, 38, 84 – Canned Brains Cans

Even with their shock collars curbing their appetite, the town’s zombie population does have to eat at some point, and what better meal than prepackaged, fresh from the can, brains? The brain cans lots in the auction are partially opened tin cans with black and white labeling and, often, light stage blood staining. Something you might have missed in the film; each can is labeled “US Property for Issue to Registered Zombies,” which asks as many narrative questions as it answers.


These lots and many more are open for bidding in Propstore’s Freaks of Nature Auction, with lots closing June 16th, 2017. Thank you for joining us for our Freaks of Nature blog coverage and be sure to check out our other articles from our other current sales!


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