Tales Of The Riverbank

Static GP Puppet & Plane

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An original static GP puppet and his red and white plane featured in the 2008 British family adventure Tales of the Riverbank. The heart warming live action movie is populated entirely by puppets and follows the tale of Hammy the Hamster, Roderick the Rat and GP the Guinea Pig in their quest to stop the Fat Cats destroying their beloved Riverbank! Voiced by the brilliant Jim Broadbent in the movie, the fatherly guinea pig obsessed with calling everything a chair and a penchant for flying planes is determined to thwart the WMD factory from destroying their beautiful home.

This version of GP differs to the usual puppets by having no holes for puppeteering and being a solid stuffed piece with just a metal armature inside that allow his arms and legs to be angled slightly. He is covered in rich brown fur, has glass eyes with foam latex features, hands and legs with most of his tiny claws still present. He is still in excellent condition although his eyes are a little loose, and is approximately 50cm (19.5”) tall.

The impressive scale plane is made from fibreglass and painted with a glossy red and white lightning effect paint job, complete with little trundle wheels, a moving propeller, rudders and joystick. It is showing some age and slight discolouration through production use and storage but is an otherwise astounding piece from the movie measuring 170cm x 170cm (5'6“ x 5'6“). Of course due to its large size it will require a specialist freight service and customers would please request a shipping quote before ordering.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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