Pinbacker's (Mark Strong) Icarus I Uniform, Communicator & Flight Jacket

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A costume worn in the production of the Danny Boyle sci-fi thriller Sunshine. Set in the year 2057, Capa (Cillian Murphy) and a team of astronauts are sent to ‘reboot’ the sun with a nuclear device after it begins to fail, putting Earth into an ice age. When a signal is picked up from their predecessor, the Icarus I, they set course for the lost ship to find out what happened to her crew and why her mission failed.

This costume was worn by the commander of the Icarus I, Captain Pinbacker (Mark Strong), who slowly goes mad from the effects of the sun, ultimately leading to his murder of the entire Icarus I crew. This particular costume was worn for the video journals watched by Captain Kaneda (Hiroyuki Sanada) and the final entry, seen on the Icarus I by Capa, Mace (Chris Evans), Searle (Cliff Curtis) and Harvey (Troy Garity).

The costume is composed of a pair of standard issue Icarus I trousers, made in a yellow material, an olive green T-shirt and a pair of plimsolls. The costume is accompanied by a pair of Icarus communicator dog tags, which have been distressed to look hard-worn and damaged during the Captain’s mental decline. An addition, the costume comes with a long sleeve olive green shirt, the style of which were used to melt to the prosthetics of the burned-up Pinbacker seen towards the end of the film after his infiltration onto the Icarus II, and a rare production-made flight jacket made specifically for the character of Pinbacker featuring the Icarus I mission patch, which is ringed by the names of the crew for the mission – Pinbacker, Fischer, Nakazawa, Lin, Esteves, Chow, Roeg and White.

Accompanied by a full set of original production wardrobe tags, the costume has no sizes marked but remains in excellent condition.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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