Planet Of The Apes (2001)

Armored Chimp Costume Display

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An armored chimpanzee costume from Tim Burton’s sci-fi remake Planet of the Apes. This lot consists of a helmet, a mask, a breastplate, a sleeved leotard, a pair of chimp gloves, an armored skirt, a pair of woolen leggings, shin guards and ape shoes, and a bolas weapon.

The helmet, breastplate and shin guards are made of fiberglass, with soft padding in the helmet and chainmail at the rear, to cover the neck. Included is a latex chimp mask with hand-punched faux hair and eyes made of resin and acrylic. It is attached to the mannequin (detailed below) with Velcro.

The breastplate armor is worn over a wool-and-spandex leotard with leather sleeves. Dressing the legs are strips of leather and threaded wooden sticks. Worn on the hands is a pair of fur-covered spandex gloves with latex ape fingers.

The leggings are made of wool and spandex with patches of fur stitched along the legs. The two fiberglass shin guards have depictions of apes intricately carved into their facings, while the ape shoes feature urethane toes and have fur laid over the laces. The helmet is marked “Peter Deleal” and the shoes are marked “Jason Rodriguez”. Also included is a bolas throwing weapon, which comprises three foam rocks bound with leather cords.

This costume is displayed on a soft poseable mannequin mounted to a styrofoam display base. The costume shows some wear due to production use, with the latex gloves and toes hardening due to age. However, it remains in good overall condition.

Dimensions (on base): 71 cm x 51 cm x 188 cm (28” x 20” x 74”)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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