The world of The Twilight Saga is filled with incredible characters and fascinating dynamics, but no romance is more magnificent than that of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Throughout the saga, their relationship made up the emotional core of the narrative, and its strength is what keeps so many fans coming back to the stories over and over again. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable Bella and Edward lots in The Twilight Saga Live Auction



Lots 14 & 15 – Bella Swan’s First Day Costume & Edward Cullen’s Cafeteria Costume



Everyone remembers their first day at a new school, but few people can say they met their soulmate that day as well. It was in the Forks High School cafeteria where Bella first caught a glimpse of her future husband—Edward Cullen—and his family. Twi-hards will remember Bella’s Crown Bowling Supply shirt from the scene, as well as Edward’s grey thermal. Articles of these costumes are labeled “TW” for the first film, while Bella’s pants are labeled “NM” and “EC,” referring to later films in the saga and indicating they were transferred from production to production as the films progressed.



Lots 178 & 179 – Edward Cullen’s Harness Party Costume & Bella Swan’s Party Costume


The Twilight Saga: New Moon

When the Cullen family decided to throw Bella a birthday party, Bella and Edward dressed accordingly for a quiet soiree at the family’s house. Bella’s green satin dress, a present from Alice, features a delicate floral pattern throughout. Also available in the auction is a bloodstained version of the dress from after Bella’s altercation with Jasper. Edward’s wool suit and blue button-down shirt was seen in this sequence and several others throughout the film until his reunion with Bella in Volterra. This example is a harness version, meaning holes have been cut to allow the costume to be worn over a stunt harness.



Lots 396 & 422 – Bella Swan’s Proposal Costume & Edward Cullen’s Snowy Battle Costume


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

This Bella costume comes from one of the most important moments in the characters’ life when, while spending a quiet night in together, Edward proposed to Bella. The film’s initials “EC” are written in each piece of the costume. Edward Cullen’s snowy battle costume comes from the film’s climax and Edward’s final confrontation with Victoria. The shirt and pants in this lot are decorated with imitation snow from his battle on the mountain top.



Lots 490 & 491 – Bella Swan’s Bloodstained Nightmare Wedding Dress and Veil & Edward Cullen’s Bloodstained Night Wedding Costume


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

While The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 saw Bella and Edward finally tie the knot, a foreboding air lingered throughout the film, highlighting the uncertainty of the couple’s future together. No scene displays this more prominently than when Bella dreamt of her happy day taking a murderous turn. In the dream, when Bella found the Volturi officiating the wedding, she turned to see that she and Edward were standing on a massive pile of their friends’ and families’ bodies and that their clothes were bloodstained from the carnage. These complete costumes are stained with stage blood from the final shots of this sequence and are easily two of the most memorable lots in the entire auction.


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Lots 852 & 853 – Bella Cullen’s Battle Costume & Edward Cullen’s Battle Costume


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

After five movies, The Twilight Saga culminated in a final battle between the Cullens and their small band of allies against the Volturi’s forces. In this epic finale, Bella and Edward stood their ground in the snow, side by side, to defend their daughter’s life as a family. Both Bella and Edward’s final battle costumes are complete and feature distinctive jackets that will be easily recognised by The Twilight Saga fans, as the styles were used in numerous publications and advertisements for the final film.


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