NYSM2 Auction … A Little Sleight Of Hand

By on June 19th 2018 June 19th 2018

Prop Store’s Now You See Me 2 Auction, on behalf of Lionsgate, features an amazing 190 lots of original props and costumes used in connection with the making of the hit magic-thriller film.

From the casual sleight of hand, to the unbelievable finale tricks, the Horsemen – J. Daniel Atlas, Merritt McKinney, Jack Wilder and Lula wow us yet again in this hit magical sequel. So from quick-change costumes, to full-blown magic safes, take a look at some of our favourite lots in the auction…



Lot 187 – Oversized Magic Trick Card

These amazing Oversized Playing Cards were used when Jack performs his street magic trick in London towards the end of the film before revealing how the trick was done.



Lot 96 – Lula’s Macau Costume

Lula wore her Macau Costume whilst the Horsemen were escorted through Macau to Walter’s apartment and when he visited Iong’s magic shop.



Lot 183 – The Fool Card Bottle

Bottles containing the Fool card were used towards the end of the film when Tressler discovers that he has been tricked by the Horsemen.



Lot 9 – Walter’s Apartment Costume

Walter wore this costume in his apartment when he blackmailed the Horsemen into stealing the data chip.



Lot 94 – Dylan’s Escape Safe

Safes were used in the scene when Dylan is locked within and dropped into the sea before escaping.



Lot 97 – Tressler’s Boat Costume

Tressler wore this costume at the end of the film when it is revealed that he has fallen victim to the Horsemen once again.



Lot 10 – The Fool Card

Dylan discovered “The Fool” card during the OCTA launch when his plans are interrupted by a mysterious individual.




Lot 92 – Atlas’ OCTA Launch Legal Costume

Atlas wore this costume at the OCTA launch when he pretends to be Owen Case’s legal advisor.



Don’t forget to check out all the other amazing lots currently up for auction in the Now You See Me 2 Auction, and check back for more future content from Prop Store.

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