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Assorted Television Commercial Props

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An assorted set of props from various television commercials.

This set contains several sets of chocolate bars, three olives, a set of spring onions shaped like musical notes, a large die, a large pink tablet, a packet of BB pellets, a large coffee bean, a bullet casing, three large MinstrelsĀ© pieces, and a circular piece of plastic.

Most of the pieces were used in various television commercials: the spring onions and olives were used in an advert for cream cheese spread; three of the chocolate bars were for Galaxy and the other four were for a yogurt advert; the coffee bean was for Nescafe; the pink tablet is a large-scale Imedeen skin tablet and the die is from a German game commercial.

The pieces are largely made of resin and hand painted to look as realistic as possible. There is minor wear from production use on each piece and some of the pieces, most notably the giant coffee bean, have additional holes where they have previously been attached to other items. Overall the pieces are in an excellent condition.

Materials: Resin, Card, Plastic, Wood.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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