Sparkling Red Wonderbug Dune Buggy Model Miniature with Comic Book

Stock #141508

A sparkling red Wonderbug dune buggy model miniature and comic book from the children's variety show The Krofft Supershow. After transforming from the rusty Schlepcar into the shiny Wonderbug, the buggy flew around fighting crime throughout the series. Gold Key Comics published a tie-in comic book series for the show, featuring Wonderbug.

This lot originated from the Comisar Collection and was previously sold in Prop Store's T.V. Treasures Live Auction in 2018. It consists of a Wonderbug model coated in sparkling red glitter with hand-painted flames on sides on the doors, articulated eyeball headlights, and a mouth-like bumper. A custom California vanity license plate that reads "1DERBUG" and a long, thin antenna are affixed to the back bumper.

The interior is outfitted with plastic seats, a plastic steering wheel, dashboard details drawn in marker, and a black foam floor. Two rods with blue wood handles are affixed to the underside for the puppeteer to manipulate the car. Also included are an additional seat and a copy of Issue #3 of "The New Krofft Supershow" Gold Key comic book series from 1978, which features the Wonderbug prominently on the cover. The lot is in good overall condition with some signs of wear from production and age, including a missing tail light on the Wonderbug miniature.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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