Storage 24

Hero Alien Creature Head

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A highly detailed and awesomely grotesque alien creature head from the horror sci-fi: Storage 24 (2012). This style of alien 'head' can be seen throughout the movie as the creature relentlessly chases its victims through a storage lock-up. This full head mask would of been used for the close-up shots and is made of soft foam latex, yet sculpted and painted in a way to give it support and shape. There are yellow glassy eyes to the front as well as very sharp resin fangs of varying sizes. The head displays spikes all over and there is a large gash in the 'skull' above the left eye. Fantastic paintwork really brings this beast to life as it stares at you. This 'creature' measures 24cm x 38.5cm (9.44” x 15.15”).

Please note - the bust is not included.

Item size - 17.72" x 10.24" x 9.06" (45cm x 26cm x 23cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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